Do You Know What Today Is...It's Audio Diva's Anniversary!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wowie! A year ago today, I started Adventures of An Audio Diva, with literally NO intention of it becoming this big, and I mean "big" as people actually reading it. The Adventures blog started out as merely a spot for me to practice on my career focus of music journalism and to write about some of my favorite musical artists and songs, but to really no particular audience. Adventures of An Audio Diva, the name, was even temporary because I wasn't sure if I was even going to update the site! Yet, somehow, it was discovered and I got e-mails, messages and the like from readers who enjoyed what I was writing and music I was featuring, and that was when I decided to go full force with it and make it into the blog you see before you. As cliche as this word spill sounds, its the truth, this blog was a surprise success. I'm not a stranger to the blogging world as I have written on other blogs before, but this one seems to be the one blog that I've enjoyed writing on the most and frankly, I feel like this one is my best and the one I am the most devoted too and pleased with.

To not get too mushy-gushy and turn this post into a reflective memoir, I wanted to sincerely thank each and every one of you, especially my affiliates and blog partners (you know who you are), who have either, read, commented, sent me an e-mail, added me to their blog roll, referred a post of mines, or chatted me up or just simply reached out. You guys seriously have kept me going with the blog and have made it possible for me to celebrate this milestone!

So let's celebrate a year of Audio Diva and many more years to come, cause I'm not stopping till I get enough!

So take it away Michael!


  1. Congrats! My Mood is Music supports and really enjoy your blog. Keep the good stuff coming :)


  2. Congrats!

    Keep up the good work (and I know you will!)


    It seriously feels like this site has been going forever, it's just that good. Keep up the hard work, no doubt you will do. I love this site.

  4. Congrats, it is a spectacular place. One of my favorites to visit!-QH


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