First Impressions: Coming Alive With Miss Monae

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sista from another funky intergalactic planet, Janelle Monae is gracing us with some new tuneage this afternoon and its welcomed after we haven't been hearing too much from her camp. Understandable, since she is residing on the toxic artists label known as Bad Boy Records. Still its comforting to know she hasn't lost her spunk as she issues out a brand new (and downloadable) track called, "Come Alive (The War Of The Roses)". With whoops and wails looped into its grungy guitar exterior, Janelle runs amok in this loopy n' slam banger of a track that effectively sounds like nothing out there at present. "Come Alive" is what Gwen Stefani would dub as "this shit is BANANAS", seriously it is. Whenever Janelle Monae has her name stamped on something, I'm paying attention, as she's one artist that is truly thinking out of the box and putting a spin on music composition these days. Seriously, someone needs to throw Miss Monae a lifeline and get her away from the clutches of Diddy, this lady deserves to be on a label who can handle all of this fierceness.

Come Alive (The War Of Roses)


  1. Janelle Monae is awesome, it's just a shame she's on such a cack label that seems to drain talent and postpone releases. They have a nasty habit of doing that.

    I agree that Janelle needs a label that understands her talent more, a label like Hidden Beach would be great, they have the likes of Jill Scott, Kindred The Family Soul, etc. Plus they'd make her music more widely available, you don't hear of Jill having issues with that label and she's been with them since day dot.

    On the subject of this song though, I loves it. I got her album when it was released digital only, then around a year later when she signed with Bad Boy, I bought the actual CD.


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