First Impressions: It's All About Them 'Papers'

Monday, October 5, 2009

Usher may be taking a cue from Marvin Gaye as he's going the Here, My Dear route with his upcoming, Raymond v. Raymond. As of recent, the Monster album has officially morphed into the newly titled, Raymond v. Raymond, which from the look of it's legal-esque namesake would give one the sense that this is going to be the "after the bitter divorce album"...or Confessions, the album, Pt. 2. The same could be said for newly launched single, "Papers", which musically points out the demise of his relationship with ex-wife, Tameka Foster-Raymond. "Papers" rides on a bouncy beat that is very reminiscent of big hit "Burn" as it is searing and pain-staking, yet this just fees like old hat for Ursh, as we're getting the same angst from his new classic 2004 album, Confessions but not a lot of evovlement. While I was loving the life out of last leaked track, "What's A Guy To Do", this is either going to be a grower or just a plain "nope-not-pressing-play-again" track for me. Raymond v. Raymond will be hitting the shelves on December 8th.



  1. i got this in my inbox yesterday; don't think much of it. but like most other usher tracks, they're growers so i'll reserve my opinion for now.

  2. I'm not sure what to make of this song yet, I guess I'm waiting to hear more from Usher. But at the moment, I am not overly keen on this choice of song.

    I do prefer his song 'Traffic' though.


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