First Impressions: Meet N'Dambi's Funky Little 'Pink Elephant'

Monday, October 12, 2009

If you were under the impression that elephants are docile, civil creatures, you just haven't gotten the chance to meet an elephant that was provoked or rather, was well "pink". Under the direction of the bitingly whip-smart lead single, "Can't Hardly Wait", N'Dambi's Pink Elephant stampedes on in with the greatest of modern soul ease, truly making a ruckus, breaking all the china cups and bowls in the store its rocking in. As this is the soul singer's fourth hour, she has grown a lot from her debut, 1999's Little Lost Girl Blues. Now ten years later, the Dallas songstress, issues out her first album on the Stax record label, and in the tradition of the legendary label, she tells it like it is, each song unfolding a story with all the soul, sweat and tears mixed in. Pink Elephant begins on the lush groove of "L.I.E.", which rocks steady on the tale of a man trying to choose between reality and fantasy. We then are glided into the slinky, "What It Takes" which kicks off with a twitchy guitar, but then smooths out like butter to bread. N'Dambi reaches back into the 1970's crates of Curtis Mayfield for a orchestral ode to a fictional budding superstar called, "Nobody Jones" and the song persistently drives on. "Ooo Baby" slips you into a mellow mood, filling the wine glass with its rich and sensual brew while the exuberant "Daisy Chain" shuffles on a rich sonic wave that is mixed with old school Philly soul quality. The lead off single, "Can't Hardly Wait" continues to be the album's main attraction as it just is so on point that you can't help but chime along with N'Dambi as she says that favored four letter word and gives that disapproving grimace over a passe lover. Pink Elephant expertly delivers. The music is not as rousing as one would expect, especially after viewing the fiery album cover, but N'Dambi's sharp vocal delivery and biting lyricism make this a bold composition that is enough to make you feel N'Dambi's thunderous wrath. Solid as a rock, and mighty potent with the right balance of modern soul and vintage flavor, Pink Elephant is another of 2009's brightest gems.

Rating: 9.7/10
Release Date: October 6th, 2009

What It Takes


Ooo Baby

1 comment:

  1. This is such a great album.

    If anything, the cover art makes it look more appealing to people, I've always said that good cover art can sell an album. I've purchased some great albums off the back of interesting artwork.


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