First Impressions: Res Emerges In A New Wave State Of Mind

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wipe the sleep from your eyes this morning, and take a sip of that Vitamin C, as you will be feasting your ears on a new track from under rug swept artist, Res. Yes, that Res. A singer who released an ambitious debut, How I Do in 2001, and gained a small fanbase in the process due to her unique ability to cross genres. Since 2001, Res has been someone MIA from the mainstream market (part in part to How I Do being sort of ahead of its time and some not "getting" its contents) but she continued to make that music by joining the group, Idle Warship (which also included MC's Talib Kweli and Graph Nobel). Now Res has found herself on Idle Warship's upcoming mixtape, the Mick Boogie produced, Party Robot. Even though Res' contribution is a cover of 80's new-wave band, Berlin's classic, "The Metro", this is oh so welcomed. Sounding tried and true to the original's stark usage of sinister synths, Res' "The Metro" bubbles with electric energy, and for all those 80's music lovers out there, this is something to really sink your teeth into. From my understanding the singer will also be releasing her long awaited EP, Black Girls Rock in the very near future, and "very" in the sense of possibly the end of 2009. See, we have a lot to be thankful for this year.

The Metro

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  1. Res is such an underrated talent in music, she deserves so much more love and recognition. So it's very nice to hear more music from this artist. I also like the stuff she's doing with Idle Warship.


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