The Gospel: Why I Will Open My Wallet To 'The Fame Monster'

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let me be blunt. I loathe re-releases. Now I don't mind extended packages of classic albums (see Curtis Mayfield's Curtis). I'm talking about those cash cows disguised in glossy plastic that desperately blare: "Buy me again! I have ONE new pointless song on here, but buy me!!"

For some reason in the mid-2000's, singers and their record labels thought that re-packaging an album, especially if it was a SoundScan chart eating monster, it became the thang to do. Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Usher have graced us with pointless re-releases of their hit albums. While Beyonce perfected the art of re-releasing by giving us all ReReleaseRamDownTheThroat-itis with her "I added one new song! Even though about 50 b-sides of mines are floating on the Internet" sets. Now I have come to believe that Lady GaGa is going to cure us from that disease, as she's doing something quite smart, marketable and well...nice.

What? Lady GaGa? That crazy pop habenero pepper who wears outfits made out of plastic bubbles and Kermit the Frog heads? Yes, La GaGa.

As its been mentioned across the blog-o-sphere, the pop firecracker is re-releasing her ever popular debut, The Fame on November 23rd under the brash title, The Fame Monster. The release date is just as important as the CD itself as it is nestled nicely in the schedule of Thanksgiving week, as we all know Black Friday is the day where shoppers pile into the stores for early Christmas shopping, and money .

Aside from that great marketing ploy, Lady GaGa is actually thinking about the fans as The Fame Monster will not only include her debut album in full, but will also include eight new songs. Eight. Not one, not two, eight. Can we say generous? One would be first to assume that since this is so liberal that these songs are utter crap. Not the case.

Of course we've already heard a little song called "Bad Romance"...

Good. And it gets better. From the descriptions that Pop Justice recently cited, the magic eight on Fame Monster are worth their moxy and can stand up at being a brand new album all together. If you're still not convinced the production credits of RedOne, Rodney Jerkins and Teddy Riley, are also splashed on there. Yep, Miss GaGa is bringing on the big guns, and proving that behind her pretentious and sometimes puzzling exterior, there is still a mainstream artist out there that is sticking to the old school tactics of how to keep the art of buying music alive as well as keep the fans engaged and with more money in their pocket.

Oh, and funny, I haven't even mentioned the deluxe edition of The Fame Monster which is specifically for the stanatic fanatic, as it includes posters, fanzines, a puzzle and yes...a lock of Lady GaGa's hair, all for a $100 buckaroos. Creepy, yet once again, a genius marketing tactic, because you know someone out there will pay the obscene hundred for the locks of La GaGa.


  1. Lady Gaga is very creative and I hand her that, plus she knows how to keep her fans on their toes. That deserves respect.

    But on another note, I'm really not into the music she puts out. It's just not my thing.

    I agree on the subject of pointless re-releases though, if I'm not going to buy an album the first time around, I certainly will not buy it the second or third time around - that's just insane marketing right there.
    On the otherhand, if it's an artist I truly respect like Jill Scott (who I don't think has repackaged an album yet), Alicia Keys, Vivian Green, Nate James, Beverley Knight and many other talented individuals, I might then consider buying something re-released, but ONLY if it was worth it. Besides that, I think re-releases are crazy and a way to extort money from music fans who really would buy anything if it was associated to their idol, for example: Lady Gaga's hair. NOW THAT'S JUST CRAZINESS RIGHT THERE!!

  2. I'm so excited about this album. At the moment I am literally, wait for it, Gaga for Gaga (You're fired - Ed). Alejandro is very good too and that PJ review just whets my appetite even more.


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