News Bites: A Deeper Understanding Of Kate Bush

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bookworms and Kate Bush-ites rejoice as the godmother of progressive rock will be the subject of a book that is geared to explore this influential musical mind. Music biographer, Graeme Thomson is releasing, Under The Ivy in May of 2010, a book that is sure to appease those who find Bush's music as well as the lady herself quite the mystery. Any Kate Bush fan can tell you that part of the fun of listening to the British singer's song catalog is dissecting and discovering the story being the compositions, as Bush has created a career upon intricate storytelling through song. Hopefully, this book will explore Kate's linguistics as well as the woman behind the pen. So what will be "stepping off the pages" of Under The Ivy, you say?

From Amazon's (lengthy) product description:

"Under the Ivy" features over 70 unique and revealing new interviews with those who have viewed from up close both the public artist and the private woman: old school friends, early band mates, long-term studio collaborators, former managers, producers, musicians, video directors, dance instructors and record company executives. "Under the Ivy" undertakes a full analysis of Bush's art. From her pre-teen forays into poetry, through scores of unreleased songs. Every crucial aspect of her music is discussed from her ground-breaking series of albums to her solo live tour. Her pioneering forays into dance, video, film and performance. Combining a wealth of new research with rigorous critical scrutiny, "Under the Ivy" offers a string of fresh insights and perspectives on her unusual upbringing in South London, the blossoming of her talent, her enduring influences and unique working methods, her rejection of live performance, her pioneering use of the studio, her key relationships and her gradual retreat into a semi-mythical privacy.

Sounds like a well-thought out piece of literature, and truly something that shouldn't be missed especially if you are a die-hard fan. Since I'm one of those music nerds who likes to get the full story behind an artist and the music that they craft, Under The Ivy sounds like my intellectual cup of tea.

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