Recycle It!: Diane Birch Simmers Down Haddaway

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Haddaway became a one-hit wonder legend with the 1993 club song, "What Is Love?" It was exuberant, stark, perfect Euro-dance and overtly...well, infectious. So infectious that it climbed the charts and became the running musical joke in the 1998 Will Ferrell movie, A Night At The Roxbury. Earlier this year when I saw James Morrison in concert, singer-songwriter, Diane Birch was the opening act as she was promoting the release of her debut, Bible Belt. While on stage, Birch whipped out on an unsuspecting audience, a toned down version of "What Is Love", basically transforming it into a burning slow jam. This is what it really sounds like when its stripped to the bone and scarce of all the pulsating club pounds. Birch shows that "What Is Love" is merely a ballad disguised as a dance track. Compare and contrast below. Just note that one calls for head bobbing at the Roxbury and the other is for sitting in a dark room watching a candle light flicker, glass of wine nearby.

1 comment:

  1. Such a great song, from a time when Dance music was actually interesting as well as good. Now, Dance music just tends to be covers of classic songs, adding a beat behind it and ruining such a great song.


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