The Tape Deck: Week #6

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1. Come Alive (The War Of Roses) - Janelle Monae : Now I know what this song sounds sounds like BLISS. Well, bliss for those who like something that sounds like drums, dropping books, screams and clatters being jumbled about in our brain cells.
2. Can't Hardly Wait - N'Dambi

3. Fastlove - George Michael: If George says "I gotta get up to get down"(whatever that means)...well, by golly I'm going to do it. One of my favorites from him. There's also a great interpolation of Patrice Rushen's "Forget Me Nots" in this too.

4. Return Of The Mack - Mark Morrison
5. Stargazer - Paloma Faith

6. Fishnet-Morris Day: This is proof that singers can sing about just anything, pencils, carpel tunnel, the book Wuthering Heights....and fishnet tights, a woman's dress essential...something that you can get in Walgreens. Morris knew what he was doing when he did this song. Off of Day's 1987 album, Daydreaming which saw him joining forces with his The Time cohorts, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. In fact, this song is so big and brash, that it doesn't seem to come form just one man...but then again Morris Day is pretty extroverted so he has enough gusto to carry this song.

7. Only The Lonely - The Motels:
Love how the guitar merges into some sax work in this. One of my favorite 80's songs.

8. I Ain't Hearing U - Angie Stone
9. Rooted - Amy Serrata

10. Take The Box-Amy Winehouse: The woman needs to come back, she can't just leave me with two amazing albums and start taking nose candy like that...she needs to be like the greats, take the nose candy WHILE making music. I kid. Revisited Frank this week, and "Take The Box" stands out with its phrasing as it revolves around a dissolving relationship. This song haunts.

1 comment:

  1. Nice picks.

    "Take the Box" is one of my favorite Amy tracks.

    Janelle Monae is incredible.


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