Artist Watch: Electric Wire Hustle Is Not A Dance, But A Music Force

Thursday, November 5, 2009

There are times were a groove just kind of grabs you by the collar and slaps you out of your tepid existence for just moment. This is what happened when my ears fell upon by the New Zealand soul collective, Electric Wire Hustle. For this Audio Diva, 2009 continues to lack some real musical testosterone, but fortunately for my hungry soul, there are still some actual MEN making music, and music that is feeding my growls of musical hunger. Electric Wire Hustle are comprised of vocalist, Mara TK, and instrumentalists, Myele Manzanza and Taay Ninh, and all three come together to create quite an engaging sound. The group released their debut, Every Waking Hour, this year and its got a great mixture of trip-hop, funk, hip-hop and electronic rock that is sure to keep you out of musical boredom. Mara TK's voice is the main attraction, as it's vintage tone drapes over the electronic throbs of tunes making it sound like if you were hearing Marvin Gaye or even Donny Hathaway in the 21st Century. Two songs that had me at their opening notes were the jazz grit of "Buy Some Land, Put A House On It" and the trance ready, "Again", and lucky you, they are featured below for listening pleasure. So forget these little powder puffs in tight pants with slow off-key whines that the music industry wants you to listen to. Get acclimated to the Hustle and cue your ears into something with a little more bulk, a lot more edge and a sound that is geared to stick to your ears like musical oatmeal.

Buy Some Land, Put A House On It

1 comment:

  1. Great feature ;)

    I think you have picked out my favourite two songs aswell. 'Buy Some Land ...' made me think of Bilal in some ways.

    Definitely a highlight of 2009!


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