The Audio Diva 2000's: Feeling The Fever Of Band Camp, Craig David and Oh, Yeah...'Glitter' [2001]

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Now we're pressing on with the 00's decade with a pit stop into 2001, a seminal year, as The Audio Diva became a freshman in high school. So of course this is when my ultimate awkward phase begins and frankly, I fit the profile perfectly being a fish out of water and being involved in school activities that weren't necessarily what you'd call elegant. That summer, I experienced my own private Vietnam: Marching Band. My perm was all sweated out, legs and pride were sore constantly, and I believe I became three shades darker in my skin tone due to the experience of summer band camp and band practices after school. Yes, I'm a graduate of the summer band camp crowd, and I have no doubt in my mind that the infamous American Pie line, "This one time at band camp..." was the popular intro line to every conversation I probably had at that time.

2001 sticks out to most as one the year where one of the worst attacks on American soil occurred. 9/11 was massive, and I, like many others can remember exactly what they were doing when the planes sliced through the World Trade Center. As a sort of bizarre bright spot on that day, Mariah Carey's illustrious Glitter soundtrack was released, and the beginning of the infamous 'Mariah Carey Breakdown Saga' began. Yes, the movie and soundtrack did flop fabulously, but in some weird way, the music on the soundtrack was sort of a comfort at that time, possibly due to it's vintage 80's feel the tunes possessed. My memory of Glitter doesn't really reside in the movie itself (I'm one of those non-delusional Lambs who thought the movie sucked the big cajones), more so seeing Mariah smiling gleefully on the cover during that time was quite the bright spot.

Amid the tragic events, the music was just as strong and as vibrant as ever. In 2001, we were introduced to the then fresh sounds of Alicia Keys and India.Arie, two women who's approach to music brought back the mentality of the 70's singer-songwriter-musician, and it was welcomed. Another new act made her entrance in 2001 and she went by the name, Blu Cantrell with a fiery woman's anthem called, "Hit 'Em Up Style" that got the fellas a little agitated. Nelly Furtado and Nikka Costa brought their quirk and sass to the musical table, with two of the more ambitious records that year. Kylie Minogue finally got her dues in the USA with her hit single, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and for once I could speak of her among my friends without getting a "who da hell is dat?" rolling after it. Michael Jackson made a comeback with his Invincible record, and the infectious single, "Rock Your World" but, sadly, under rug swept it went, until renewed appreciation for it came years later. Maxwell would release his third effort, Now, and sadly disappear till 2008, but we got to experience "Lifetime" and his rendition of "This Woman's Work" in full audio glory before the year's end. Pink became the "anti-Britney" as she morphed into a spunky rock chick with her Missundaztood album. *NSYNC were playing in some "dirty pop" and Destiny's Child were "bootylicious". 2001 also marks the year we lost Aaliyah to a terrible plane crash, but she was warmly remembered in the star studded video for unreleased single, "Miss You".

The Big 3 of 2001

Janet Jackson
After her masterpiece, The Velvet Rope, Janet came back with a more optimistic and flirty attitude (and a wicked half-jacket ensemble) with All For You. The expertly loop of Change's "The Glow Of Love" sparkled on the title track, and it became the theme song to my 2001. While All For You isn't my favorite Janet album, the title track, "Come On Get Up" and "You Ain't Right" were on heavy rotation so much that the scratches I made forced me to buy a new copy. Around this time, I can remember trying to bribe Audio Dad into letting me see Janet's All For You tour by...and well, I watched it on HBO like everyone else trying to do my best Rhythm Nation dance in my living room.

Kylie Minogue
My musical love for Kylie Minogue surged when the Aussie pop tart released, Fever in 2001, and with the charming trio of singles, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", "Love At First Sight" and "Come Into My World" in tow. Fever was chock-filled with great little pop peppers and dance-steppers, and even in a 2009 light, it is one of her best recordings. "Love At First Sight" is a glimmering gem while "In Your Eyes" and "Burning Up" are disco for the 2000 club kids. I remember being entranced by the "Come Into My World" video which featured Kylie clones and deja vu story theme. At that time, I thought it was one of the coolest videos I'd ever seen.

Even though Aaliyah had passed, she left in her wake, a truly grandiose effort with her 2001 self-titled album. Aaliyah colored outside of the lines as akin to previous recordings and it showed that producers Timbaland and the late Static Major were experimenting with more electronic sounds, a format that is quite familiar in today's R&B. The seductive lite-funk of "Rock The Boat" is still the favorite, yet "We Need A Resolution" and "Loose Rap" were hypnotic favorites as well.

Top 15 Songs of 2001

1. All For You - Janet Jackson

2. Fallin' - Alicia Keys: With braids, a piano and some back to basics soul smarts, Alica Keys made her entrance as the new soul wonder kid. "Fallin'" was a nice hybrid of soul and gospel, and it's remains to be her best track. Shame how she could never escape this song, because even today people keep wanting her to do its sequel.

3. Gimmie - Jill Scott
4. Don't Let Me Get Me - Pink
5. Rock The Boat - Aaliyah
6. Love At First Sight - Kylie Minogue
7. Lifetime - Maxwell
8. You Rock My World - Michael Jackson
9. Hit 'Em Up Style - Blu Cantrell

10. Turn Off The Light - Nelly Furtado: Who was actin' so tough-tough-tough? Who cared really, this song was a pop paradise and still gets me singing along. Nelly was quite the flower child back then, she had a psychedelic album cover and had earthy songs like this one.

11. Golden Boys - Res
12. One Minute Man - Missy Elliott (ft. Ludacris and Trina)

13. Bootylicious - Destiny's Child: Don't act like you didn't sing this the mirror...your butt doing the Jell-O thing...all alone. Love the Stevie Nicks "At Seventeen" riff in this.

14. Like A Feather - Nikka Costa

15. 7 Days - Craig David: Fine as hell. Oh, you mean the music...yeah, this song was good....whatever, it was all about this man's handsome face. I kid, it was about the music too. Born To Do It was a lovely discovery during '01 especially for this song and "Fill Me In". Now I finally had another male R&B singer to love and lust over. And yes, even though its 2009, I still love me some Craigy boy.


  1. Time has truly flown by since this year in question, it does feel like only yesterday that Aaliyah left the world of music and it was a very sad day too, especially as her music is so amazing. You can't help but wonder what her music would be like now, if she were still with us.

    Alicia Keys and Jill Scott were doing big things back then too, it makes it even nicer that they are still two names to watch out for within music now, you just know they'll deliver something amazing.

    On the subject of Craig David though, I loved him back then and still do (yes, he's very yummy). lol I just wish he'd step up his game with his latest music, I wasn't feeling his last studio album and the cover version that surfaced a while back wasn't anything special. I hope there's more to come from him, he's certainly got the talent, he's just lost his way.

  2. I can also remember the attacks like they happened yesterday, it was the same when it happened here. It's not something you forget just like that and it does only feel like it happened last week. I know I keep saying this, but it's true, time has really flown by.

  3. Hmmm speaking of Mariah Carey, you should post those remix albums back up like you had at your old blog!!

  4. izzySTEEZE,

    Sorry, I'm not posting the Mariah Carey remixes, nor any other music mixes, as I got a message from Blogger about posting stuff for free due to someone reporting me. So when someone reported me, everyone suffered. Sorry, but try Googling the Mariah Carey remixes you want, you're sure to find other sites that provide free things. Here we are just talking music and listening to music streams :)


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