Cover Smother: Alicia Is 'Free' To Be What She Wants To Be

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why do I get the feeling that I have stepped into a 1970's variety show, with white lattice fencing back drops, doves in cages, gauze and lots and lots of sequins? Alicia Keys unleashes her inner Amii Stewart, Labelle and Cher style on the cover of her upcoming, The Element of Freedom, due in stores December 15th. She looks lovely, but the sequined swim cap is a little too much, even for this Audio Diva.

Update: It's been reported (by Alicia Keys on her Twitter) that this isn't the official cover, apparently some fan got anxious and Photoshop happy to craft this, fooling us all. Just another day in music blogging paradise...


  1. She looks like she's smelling something foul. *shrug*

  2. Alicia tweeted that this is not the real album cover. I'm glad cause it's kind of weird looking.

  3. @ Bree - LMAO!

    Thanks JustMe, I have been aware and updated the info...kinda of glad this wasn't offical, this wasn't going over well. And looking closer at it, her head DOES looked shopped in that swim cap :-/


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