First Impressions: Men II Boyz, Craig David and Robin Thicke's Questionable Motives

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Take two male R&B/Soul artists. One from America, the other from England. Both had great debut albums, and even better second albums. They made women squirm and swoon with come-hither sensual forays and smoothie thick vocals. Now flash to the present, and these two artists are trying to stay afloat in the fast food aspirations set by the music industry nowadays. So what do these two artists do? They take their gourmet Angus burger style and well, McDonald's it. Discovering that Craig David and Robin Thicke have resorted to clunky teenage cliches to sell records is like when I receive socks and underwear wrapped in a shiny box with a bow for Christmas. It feels like I have been cheated, forgotten and it's just downright wrong.

Not to say that Craig David and Robin Thicke are the only artists out there resorting to this new found plastic sound to gain airplay, it's just that these two are much more disheartening to see go this route than the others as they've built up a fan base for not sounding like every Chris, Mario and Trey of R&B. This week, both Craig and Robin have released new songs from their prospective upcoming efforts, and well, the output unimpressed me so much that it provoked me to explore this further.

In some ways, I feel a little icky even listening to these songs, and not the satisfied sexual healing icky, more like the second-hand embarrassment icky feeling, where the "stop" button gets pressed and the urge to hibernate in my closet seems so much more appealing. Craig David and Robin Thicke have already dropped hints to introduce their new direction, as Craig barely started a fire with his last effort, 2007's hip-hop themed, Trust Me and Robin has been altering his soul sound in recent leaks such as with tracks like "Sex Therapy" and "Dirty It Up". So maybe I shouldn't be so glib to all these changes. Yet, in some sense I feel these guys are going backwards and settling for sounds that just belittle them.

Before you is the evidence of what is to come, you can make a judgment and call it as you see it for yourself.

Shakin' It For Daddy - Robin Thicke

Cool Wit You - Craig David


  1. I knew I wasn't the only one who was questioning Robin's lastest choices!

    "Sex Therapy" is growing on me but it's a little sleazy. I just want him to continue singing more soulful songs as opposed to R&B (if that makes since.) He's much more talented than that.

  2. IA with you Bree. 'Sex Therapy' is okay to me, I just feel its too alike to Ciara's "Promise" which makes me think that Robin is settling. And the settling is based on the poor sales that 'Something Else' did. I know he wants a big hit like 'Lose Without U' was, but he should stick to what he does best, not this throwaway junk. He sounds so awkward on this.

    As for Craig David...brotha needs to just try again or give it up. LOL


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