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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who's got me "jumpin' jumpin'" this time 'round...

Some forgot (as I did, forgive me I'm American) that the British pop tart/floacist's debut, Pop Art, was released officially (?) two weeks ago. Even though the full record has been swirling around the Internets for some time, this time I decided to give it a proper listen (with a review on the way) and have been massively amazed at the consistency the album contains. It isn't all about "Box 'N Locks", there is more fun to be had. One of the better pop/R&B choices for your 2009 that you'll probably skip over if your American or just like staying in that pigeon hole. Don't sleep on this.

2. Electric Wire Hustle
Many thanks to Soul UK for once again letting me focus my attention on some good spaced-out electronic soul. I was kind of hungry for this, real music done by some MEN. Not that smaltchy R&B dreck that I'm fearing Usher is going to put out and the trying-too-hard-to-be-edgy type that Trey Failz Songz and Chris Brown continue to do. More about this trio later in the week, as you'll be hearing the hypnotic icy soul sounds of "Again" and "Buy Some Land, Put A House On It" getting spotlighted.

3. Amerie
You must know this. "Higher" is everything and more. You need a strong fire extinguisher to put out this eternal flame. Yet, I got a feeling "Higher" won't be released as a single, expect "Swag Back" to released instead, because Island Def Jam (or L.A. Reid, for that matter) wants her to be their label's Beyonce. For shame.

4. Melanie Fiona
The Bridge is FINALLY getting a release over here in old US of A today, so we must celebrate. Melanie Fiona is so getting screwed over with this release, and funny, she's not even on Def Jam Records, so she's not even getting screwed over properly! But you (meaning Americans) can support her this week by picking up a copy of The Bridge, which is one of the better offerings of '09. Anticipate a review for those who are skeptical.

5. Mr. Hudson
As like Electric Wire Hustle, the frosted over soul has been my thing lately, and Mr. Hudson is no exception with his debut solo effort, Straight No Chaser, which was released overseas last week. Maybe because I'm a fan of 80's New Wave group ABC and have been listening to David Bowie's Young Americans record recently that Hudson's record is appealing to me right now. For the most part, this was the record that Kanye West was going for with 808's, just executed better due to the lyrics and Mr. Hudson eerie voice. Like Melanie Fiona and MPHO, a review will be up shortly.

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  1. I never understood why Melanie Fiona's album was pushed back for so long overseas, it really is a great album. It was out here earlier in the year, so it's been available online for some time and could have affected sales over there, which I didn't want to happen. It really is a great album.

    On the subject of Amerie's album, I like it, I've been a fan of her since her amazing debut and with the exception of a couple of songs on thsi project, it's great.


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