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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Melanie Fiona - The Bridge
Even though the distribution process for Miss Fiona's debut album was a little screwy, this Canadian R&B songstress means business with her first curtain call. The Bridge is a delightful set of funk, R&B, soul, that are sprinkled over with old school qualities. The album's sound brings to mind the likes of Chaka Khan and even Tina Turner as Melanie's voice rips proud and strong through cuts like "Bang Bang" and Motown-tastic, "Please Don't Go (Cry Baby)". She does simmer down for cuts like the Spanish guitar flavored, "Teach Him" and the glorious 50's dreamscape, "Stop My Heart", which shows off her vocal range the best. Quite a coheasive introduction to a singer who's career should doubt go into full bloom.

Rating: 9.7/10

Mr. Hudson - Straight No Chaser
It has become apparent to my ears that Straight No Chaser, was what Kanye West was going for with 2008's 808's. He wanted to be a quasi-indie British White guy with a singing voice. Luckily, he got to live that dream by producing this intriguing set of electrified soul and pop, as first evidenced on the excellent, "Supernova". Mr. Hudson has a soulful voice akin to if it was immersed in dry ice. It's rigid, haunting yet there is some soul behind it. Straight No Chaser is much more polished than A Tale Of Two Cities, the debut from Mr. Hudson's group, The Library. Glossy exterior aside the quirk and intricate lyrics are still there. "White Lies" stabs like a dagger while "Instant Messenger" eerily plods along on a determined percussive beat. If you miss the blips and beeps of New Wave 80's, this is an album that personifies it quite gloriously.

Rating: 9.3/10

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Early
Georgia Anne Muldrow is a brave soul. She's brave for uncovering past songs that she had written in her teen years and has transformed them into the album you see before you. The things I wrote in my teen years, I'd like to burn in a bonfire, but in some ways Georgia hides her embarrassment and is paying homage with Early, and it's quite a trip down memory lane. Songs like "In Love Again" and the warm jazz backdrop of "Sunset" are slightly awkward, yet truly delightful. I'm coming late to the Georgia Anne Muldrow party, but better late than never. If anything the best moment is the swift, "Run Away" and as a complement the charming cartoon derived music video will remind you of your youth with such cartoons a la School House Rock.

Rating: 9.8/10

Lady GaGa -The Fame Monster (8 Song-EP)
If La GaGa couldn't get any more massive, she drops an atomic glitter bomb on the listening public with her 8-song EP, which is merely not just an attachment to her fantastic pop record, The Fame. In fact, The Fame Monster becomes integrated into what The Fame is, to make for one massive listening adventure. Yet, on it's one octo-strcturce, The Fame Monster is just as delightful and one of the best pop offerings you'll find. Aside from "Bad Romance" being roasted in your brain, "Dancing In The Dark" pounds way and Teddy Riley's "Teeth" is edgy yet adds a touch of horns to make it unique. The fun is put back in pop music again.

Rating: 9.7/10

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