Recycle It!: Sia Makes You Want To Buy A Lincoln

Friday, November 13, 2009

We all know that popular music is a constant in commercials to the point where we associate Swiffer sweepers with 80's New Wave songs. It's quite funny that we barely have original jingles anymore to sell products. Every product or service advertised are riding on the beat of either Rick James' "Superfreak" or Modern English's "Melt With You" (which has described burgers, crackers and cars in the past...and to think this song was about romance).

For me, TV is usually either on for background noise or to catch Glee on Wednesday or sitcom re-runs like Golden Girls and Cosby. As for commercials, those are an complete afterthought... until one day I was cleaning out my room and the familiar lush voice of Australian singer, Sia started to echo throughout my room and I had to drop the pile of clothes I was holding due to the fact of actually hearing Sia on the tube in America. It turned out that Sia had lent her voice to a Lincoln car commercial.

Still I was pleased to hear Sia's voice (as she is one of my favorites) and hear her exquisite take on, Australian band, The Church's 1988 hit, "Under The Milky Way", even it was for a lowly car commercial. As we know with covers, sometimes we've been accustomed to the original so much that anyone who comes along and gives their take we are reluctant to the change of voice. Still, I think Sia encapsulates the eerie and tender sound that The Church's original provoked so gorgeously, making it a winning cover. Check out both versions below and remember, sometimes covers can come from the oddest of places.

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