Wipe Off The Dust: Cheryl Lynn Gets Down With Her Disco Self

Thursday, November 5, 2009

When you hear the word "disco". What artists automatically spring to mind? Donna Summer and The Bee Gees naturally. But there were many others, some that came and went like the wind and others who stuck around to have pretty sizable careers. The ones that get pigeonholed in the disco mantra, are some of my personal favorites (see France Joli, Carrie Lucas, Cheri and Vicki Sue Robinson) because they just never seemed to give up the strobe lights and gold glitter dust, or rather they were doomed to being disco droids due to the genre dying out. Still whatever, it was good, posistive music that got you dancing. Oddly, I don't have many disco albums in my collection, even though people have told me, with a name like Audio Diva, you must have disco on the brain. How misjudging!

Yet, out of the disco albums that I do possess, the ultimate best is
Cheryl Lynn's sophomore effort from 1979, In Love. Cheryl Lynn is mostly remembered for two things: Winning on the defunct 1970's variety program, The Gong Show (prehistoric American Idol!) and for her pristine disco classic, "Got To Be Real". But I know better, because Cheryl Lynn possessed some fantastic vocal chops and had a few albums under her belt sash that weren't half bad. In fact, she gave us the delectable, "Encore!" in 1983, and who doesn't have that on their 80's playlist? But I'm getting ahead of myself...

In Love, is vibrant as a ray of sunshine, and chugs along with the utmost flair. In basic terms, it's all the disco groove you need. If only, "Got To Be Real" and "Star Love" from the singer's 1978 debut were on this, it would be the most perfect disco album ever...but we can't always get what we want. In Love was a moderate success due to the tantalizing, "Keep It Hot", which "flame doesn't die down" but oddly, the album just kind of evaporated into thin air possibly due to all the disco backlash that would occur in the years of 1979 and 1980. Still people missed out on quite a sparkling effort that is without a doubt, Cheryl's best offering. So what are the goods nestled on here?...

I've Got Faith In You: Kicks everything off magnificently with a thumping bassline and then dives into a swirling chorus. The French horn segment in the middle is freakin' D-lightful.
Feel It: Whoo! This song just shoots out of a pistol and crackles like nobodies business. Disco to the hilt, and sure to have you work up a sweat.
Keep It Hot: A slinky funk track that deserved to be a bigger hit for Ms. Lynn. The vocal phrasing in this is exciting and shows off Cheryl's voice in the best light. Damn, this woman could sang a song.
Love Bomb: Now this song subject is a rarity nowadays, as this punchy swivel of a dance track is about expelling hate and bringing back the love. Oh, and look how 30 years later we still haven't grasped that idea. Well, this song still simmers with strings and a light peppering of horns.

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