Adventures In 2009: Top 30 Songs [#10-1]

Thursday, December 31, 2009

And we're at the end of the ten favorite songs of '09!

10. Drumming Song - Florence + The Machine
Pulsating...and it sure does make an almighty sound. Since I have an affinity for drums and have always wanted to let my Sheila E. out, this song was quite cathartic for me. As lead vocalist, Florence Welch and her machine of musicians crafted a grand album in the form of Lungs, “Drumming Song” is one of the moments on the album that just rattles and hums in its cannon, ready for an explosion. For some reason this song does indeed get louder and louder as it transcends and it truly is great.

9. Unfresh - Andy Allo
As mentioned, there is a lot to love about Miss Allo's debut, UnFresh, and one of those things to love is the grooving title track. The layers of this song, not to mention its perky bubbling synths are just some of the sounds that are to be heard on this electronic-hip-hop and R&B hybrid. This song rocks on the edge of being a full blown club thumper, but it is a little bit more sophisticated and manages to have a more laid-back vibe that is just the perfect balance of spunk and smoothness.  So like Andy said, let's soothe n' groove and have a good time...

I hopped, skipped and jumped on the late bus with this...but I'm glad I got to hitch a ride as "The Spell" is one of 2009's best pop songs. It just surges on in and just makes you want to wiggle in your seat. Since the band from Denmark, sampled the 90's song, "Get Serious" by group, Cut N' Move in the grooves of this song, it feels like taking a time trip back to when pop music wasn't so stuffy and had only one simple goal, and that was to make you just dance and shake sillies out.

7. Wanna Believe It Again - Eric Roberson ft. Wayna
Somehow Eric Roberson had some funk in a bottle and he opened it up to give us "Wanna Believe It Again" off of his great Music Fan First record. Spirited and funky synths structure the track and make it quite an infectious feast. I think the arrangement is what I adore most about this song, because it begins with some great synth funk and then dissipates into a subdued hypnotic trance like state, especially when Wayna's vocals pipe up adding a rich contrast.

6. Stargazer - Paloma Faith
What decadence this song is. From the opening swirl of a harp into a soaring chorus of strings and instruments, "Stargazer" get my vote for the most beautifully crafted ballad of '09. It feels like a Disney song for its whimsical display, yet it seems more suited for the stage due to its sophistication. There are many other lush songs off of Paloma's debut, but this song is a three piece suit, complete with a top hat and gloves. Just debonair. 

5. Box N' Locks - MPHO
With a perfect sample of the Martha and the Muffins' track "Echo Beach", this song was well on its way being one of '09's craftiest joints. The song is just effortless, and doesn't seem like much on paper, yet when played multiple times it radiates and just keeps giving you what you want. It contains a suburb 80's vibe to it due to the sample, plus it chugs on like the Little Engine That Could with the guitars and skittish percussion. It's also highly infectious and is just a fantastically crafted pop song.

4. Bad Habits - Maxwell
It's all about that climax...pun slightly intended. The climax of the instrumentation, is what I meant, as Maxwell unleashes quite a multi-layered sound wall of sweatin' soul n' jazz that inhabits everything that a modern soul song should have. Substance and style. "Pretty Wings" was cute...but "Bad Habits" slinks on in and makes you feel like you're being beckoned into a secret rendezvous, and its a rendezvous that is hard to resist. On "Bad Habits" Maxwell zones into the Marvin Gaye I Want You era, and turns it into a version for the 21st century mindset.

3. Don't You Understand - Saunders Sermons
Like with Paloma Faith's "Stargazer", Sermons "Don't You Understand" is a beautifully thought out and orchestrated track that encompasses the sounds of R&B, Jazz and Quiet Storm. Many times I have said that there are many "boys" out there in the R&B game, and not enough men...well, this is a man song. It is rich, its honest, mature and it plays along beautifully right from the opening tumbling of the piano. Nothing scrawny about it. The added touch is when Sermons comes in with his trombone playing, a sound that isn't often heard, yet when blended with the rest of the instruments, it's just so perfect. 

2. Can't Hardly Wait - N'Dambi
Love at first snarky bite. In a sense, this song spoke to me on many tiers. Not just for its original message of being involved in a tug-of-war of emotions with a lover, but because we've all dealt with something or somebody, lover or friend, that we just can't shake off no matter what because we feel some sort of obligation, an obligation that we can't wait to be rid of. Either way you look at it, N'Dambi hit it on the nail and tells us to not take all the little trifilin' mess we deal with daily in a simple yet lite n' funky song.

1. Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
A serious adrenaline rush that I needed for my '09 and does this song pack a wallop in just about four minutes. I don't claim to be a rock expert or anything, but the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, went from being underground avant garde rock darlings to being a full blown powerhouse of rock with this track. It literally blew my mind when I first heard it whizzing through my ear drums. Upon the grinding arrival of the guitars, you feel like your submerged in frigid waters and it wakes you up to thrash around with the rest of the instrumentation and the urgent pounds of the techno-dance beat the song embodies. When Karen O. shouted, "Off with your head, dance till your dead!" I was a goner for this song.

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  1. YAYAYAYAY for "Heads Will Roll"! It's really a good sum up for 2009 and the decade really, because it's such a mixture of genres and sound effects and meanings. Good choice.


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