Adventures In 2009: Top 30 Songs [#20-11]

Thursday, December 24, 2009

We're almost to number one! The second installment of my favorite tracks of '09...seems like I had an affinity for guitar sounds this year.

20. New In Town - Little Boots
People really hated this song for whatever reason, but since I'm an odd being and that I always tend to root for the underdog, I loved it to bits (sans the music video, which was a steamin' pile of garbage). True, "Stuck On Repeat" and her team-up with Human League's Phillip Oakley on "Symmetry" are much more refined electro-pop fodder, but "New In Town" is infectious to the hilt as Boots (aka Victoria Hesketh) "makes us feel alright" with a pop song laced with lots of swinging funk and techno elements. 

19. Don't Bring Flowers - Erik Hassle ft. MPHO
  How can a song, so morbid in fashion, be such a jammin' piece of work that has you bouncing around and playing air guitar? Well, Swedish musician, Erik Hassle has created such a song, that feels like a merge of classic rock, electro-pop, punk and everything else in-between. MPHO's addition to the song surprisingly makes the original quite obsolete, as the two's voices and attitude come together greatly. There is also a great guitar lick nestled in this, which is just A+. 

This was a tough call, because I fully believe that Meshell's take on Ready For The World's "Love Come Down" is one of the best  covers (not to mention, the best underoo soakers in this day and age) but "Mass Transit" just plows on at full force and its a beautiful moment when soul and rock collide. The skittish-punk music styled lyrics meld nicely with Meshell's smoky alto making it a luscious contrast. As Meshell sounds seductive singing basically anything, her rich tone just smothers over this track, smoothing out all the frantic sounds on this. Fantastic guitar work is also present which will no doubt have you dabbling your fingers along an air guitar interface.

17. Buster Keaton - Quadron
Like with Meshell, I had the same plight about picking which was my favorite song off of Quadron's self-titled debut, and after debating and playing "eenie-meanie" till I turned blue in the face, I settled on the album opener, "Buster Keaton" being the prize winning track. The levels that this song has is quite something to marvel at as it kind of creeps along with a sparse spookiness yet blends in a mellow jazz and saxophone bursts towards the end, with lead vocalist, Coco O. drenching her honey tinged vocals over such a disconnected and frigid song. 

16. Bad Romance - Lady GaGa 
Rah, rah-ah-ah-ah, roma-ah-ah, gaga, ooh la la,...MAKE IT STOP! I kid. This song has clearly done its job as it permanently lodged itself into many brains, rattling and pulsating every hip swivel it gives. There isn't any doubt that Lady GaGa is the new princess of catchy pop tunes, because she churned this song out and managed to dry-erase wipe "Pokerface" out of every one's minds and replace it with this saucy and transcending number. I still stick by my comment that La GaGa is bringing the fun back into pop music again and "Bad Romance" just proves my case. 

15. Come Alive (War of Roses) - Janelle Monae
At the moment Diddy is sticking his finger in his pie hole and is blowing raspberry bubbles out his you-know-what while he jerks around with Janelle Monae's career. Yet, in the midst of his mis-management, Janelle has dropped a little nugget of sound and it's a blistering slap of sound expected from the ever interesting Monae. "Come Alive" is like a gumbo...I hear B-52's "Rock Lobster", then I hear some Stones, and then I hear some Tina...and then I hear something that is naturally out of this world and all Miss Monae. Now how about we get a move on with Janelle's official debut album, the beasts are getting restless...

14. Alone - Ledisi
There is lots to like about Turn Me Loose and one of those moments is the percussion heavy "Alone". I personally loved this song right from when I heard it as Ledisi wraps her ever changing vocal range around the lyrical content and the intricate music production. The tumble of drums keep this song going on robustly and vibrantly. What struck me too was that the song's subject matter is pretty basic, yet only Ledisi can make this song a powerful truth and treat for the ears. 

13. Dimestore Diamond - The Gossip
 When Blues and Garage Punk meet up and cause stares just by walking down the street. You can just kind of smell the smoke of the city right from the beginning, as its smudgy, grubby and filled with attitude, which Beth Ditto adds with her angelic rock croon. Its almost like Grace Slick-lite and it opens up Music for Men brilliantly. The main attraction is the bass licks which just grunt and sputter all around you. You just want to make love to that bass lick...I know I sure do and I ain't ashamed.  Foot stompin' is necessary for this saucy cut.

12. Supernova - Mr Hudson (ft. Kanye West)
What a take-off this song has."Supernova" just climbs elegantly with intergalactic electronic force that its purely a highlight off of Straight No Chaser. With Kanye West adding his refrains, as well as his production smarts to the track, the track persistently pounds and just surges on through powerfully.

11. Make Me - Janet Jackson 
Now we're cooking! 2009 hasn't been kind to the Jacksons especially due to the lost of Michael, but Janet, still the optimistic, unwrapped a glorious gift for us in the format of "Make Me". This is a contagious dance monster that pays homage her big bro, as well is Janet at her most classic dance-pop format. Rodney Jerkins' production is also to lauded here as he gives Janet the sex without all the sleaze, and the funk without fizzling it out. Oh, Mama Jan Jan, you're back to your tricks again and it's welcomed.  

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