Audio Diva 2000's: Lost & Found...and Trippin' The Light Fantastic [2007]

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welly wells, Adventurers, it has been oodles of fun reminiscing about music from the noughties and I hope you had fun taking a trip down memory lane with me. Now before you go..."but what about 2008?" recall we've adventured through the notes of that year...So now we come to 2007, a truly odd and frigid year for me. During this time, my parents decided to move to Nowheresville, Texas (okay, the Panhandle...and yeah, there is nothing up there but Dairy Queens, tumbleweeds and the smell of manure due to the meat packing plant there), thus I became accustomed to the more rural nature of what the Lone Star State has to offer. It was also a big culture shock for me, as I come from city slicker environments. I spent that summer battling killer spiders about the size of half-dollars and surviving the fact that the Wal-Mart there was Nowheresville's idea of a "shopping mall". Horror.

2007 is also odd because my musical tastes altered and alot of the music I listened to during that time wasn't necessarily fresh out of the oven and was dated to 60's, 70's, 80's and even some 90's. The music I did listen to that was dated 2007 was of varying tastes and consisted of a lot of non-mainstream stuff. I started listening to Feist on the strength of "1234", then I got into a lot of British Pop and Soul music around this time, with Beverley Knight, Mika, David Jordan, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, James Morrison and Mutya Buena. My modern soul tastes also resurfaced with the likes of Rahsaan Patterson, Ledisi, Chrisette Michele, Adriana Evans ("El Camino), Emily King ("East Side Story"), Kevin Michael, and Donnie ("The Daily News"). I became acquainted with Sara Bareilles' Little Voice album, and it was an album that got tremendous play and warmed up the discontentment I was going through at that time. Kanye West "graduated" and gave us an album that matched the greatness that College Dropout was. Amerie's Because I Love It was shelved which led to being the '00's biggest mishandling of an album. 2007 was also the year I started liking Ciara after being pleasantly surprised with her The Evolution album. Less I don't forget that I was one of few people in my circle of friends who enjoyed Mario's Go album, and had Kylie Minogue's X album. Strange bird I am. 

The Big 3 of 2007

 Powerhouse. Ledisi is this. '07 was the year of becoming a Led-Head and it started with checking out Lost & Found, Ledisi's third effort. It was just a perfect record and was everything I was looking for around that time, just something that was effortlessly done, without any gimmicks, just great music. Especially a songs like "Upside Down" and "Joy". Like Chrisette Michele (see below), Ledisi was a singer that I had been waiting to hear, someone who could just take an ordinary song and transform it with their vocal abilities.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor
I had only dabbled in Sophie Ellis-Bextor's music as 2002's "Murder On The Dancefloor" got me interested, but didn't warrant me to seek out her music further. That all changed when I got a whiff of Trip The Light Fantastic and became a SEB-aholic. With "Me & My Imagination", "New York City Lights" and "If You Go", Trip The Light Fantastic rarely left rotation, as it was a delightful electro-pop effort, and got me believing in pop music being fun and unscrupulous again.

Chrisette Michele 
I came across Chrisette's debut I Am on a whim and ended up loving every song. Especially, "Be OK" which became the constant jam of my '07. Here we have a promising soul singer, one who was just a breath of fresh air upon arrival. She was little more polished than Keyshia Cole, a had more substance than Rihanna and she recalled what it means to actually carry a note. Seeing her live a few years later confirmed that Chrisette is a voice to keep a listen out for.

The Top 15 Tracks of 2007
1. Be OK - Chrisette Michele 
2. Me & My Imagination - Sophie Ellis Bextor

3. Song 4 Mutya (Out Of Control) - Mutya Buena 
 Whoo...what a rush! Groove Armada give the ex-Sugababe a great dance romp off of her debut solo record, Real Girl. It feels like an 80's track of the Yazoo proportions and it has a killer hook and just a real massive feel about it. I like dance tracks like this, when they just arrive in the room making you feel like you've been whip lashed.    

4. Flashing Lights - Kanye West

5. Grace Kelly - Mika 
I'm curious as to how this song will age. It's rather spirited, bratty and  borderline annoying...but the good kind of annoying. Sure Mika was totally being Freddie Mercury and Elton John in one big swoop, yet "Grace Kelly" is endearing to me because its so jubilant and sappy. It's a song that you sing loud with a group of friends, possibly wasted out of your mind. 

6. Upside Down - Ledisi
7. Take Control - Amerie

8. 1234 - Feist 
Possibly my first bite at something that was dubbed as "indie" love affair with this song started with that bizarro dance of the Crayola crayon people in the music video and it ended up with me scoping out her The Reminder album. I ended up liking a bulk of it ("My Moon, My Man" and "Sealion") but still this song came out of nowhere with its tumbling piano and brass cadence. It was one of those songs that the most unlikely people liked instantly, and I was one of those people.

9. With Every Heartbeat - Robyn
10. Let It Go - Keyshia Cole ft. Missy Elliott 

11. Take It Like A Man - Dragonette
Groovy. Dragonette was another discovery of '07 and I took to "Take It Like A Man" right away off of the group's debut, Galore. To me, it reminds me of something that No Doubt would've cooked up during their Rock Steady days, but just a little poppier. It has a punchy back beat that is infectious, and I like how lead vocalist, Martina Sorbara sounds quite "sing-song" and haughty on this. Almost like she knows she's the bees knees and we just have to deal with it.

12. Love Song - Sara Bareilles 
13. The Queen Of Starting Over - Beverley Knight
14. No Danger - Rashaan Patterson
15. Walk In My Shoes - Emily King 

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