First Impressions: Sade Soilders On With Six Minutes Of Bliss

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Usually catchphrases like "stuntin' on these hoes" seem a little generic to me...not to mention sound ridiculous whenever verbally spoken by me. Yet, looking at this single cover of Sade's newest single, "Solider of Love", I have to say that Miss Sade Adu is "stuntin' on these hoes"...stuntin' with a capital "S". And at 50 looking fitter than my 20-something arse? For all the nine years the band has been away, I believe she's been on that planet that was featured in Cocoon, wading in the fountain of youth...or she's just got it like that.

But I digress.

Sade is indeed coming back after a nine year hiatus, and as quickly as the news emerged the single, "Solider of Love" has finally hit the Internets. It was described earlier that this track, "features a pulsating and anthemic drum beat along with the haunting vocals that Sade is known for", and well that sentiment couldn't be even more truthful. The song speaks of the will to survive and standing strong in the game of love and its persistence mirrors in the instrumentation of the track. The song embodies the shining display of stark militant percussion, deep guitar licks, an eerie yet powerful atmosphere that contrasts with Sade's soothing alto vocals effectively. In a simple word, it's excellent. And even epic. Take a listen and be transported to six minutes of bliss. Solider of Love drops in stores February 8, 2010.

Solider Of Love

1 comment:

  1. Love. this. song! Of course, the instrumentation is BANANAS!

    Can't wait for the album! =)


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