The Gospel: Grammy Noms Bring Out The Bushel Of Sweet and Sour Grapes

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The 52nd Grammy Award nominations were announced last night, and holy guacamole! there were some sweet and sour grapes in the bushel of nominees picked. Now after wiping the crust from our eyes, and pouring that cup of something warm and liquid, its time for the music nerds to unite to scrutinize, rant, rave and applaud about those who were nominated. Of course, reading through the list of nominations each year is never a dull moment, as the heart palpitations occur, and all for varying reasons.

First off, the complete list of Grammy nominations are posted, so if you missed out on the nominations concert that happened, click here.

Now, this year, was kind of hit or miss for me. From gazing at my Twitter thread some of my followers are ecstatic about the nominations and others are downright bored. I'm both because I feel alot of the pickings, especially in some of the major categories, were as if someone pulled names out of a hat or some were chosen because of being veterans in the game, not because the material they are being nominated for was actually good (here's looking at you U2 and Green Day). This is where my problem with Beyonce comes in, as 10 nominations, including Album of the Year seems a little....much. Especially for an album (yes, I have listened to I Am...Sasha Boring) that possessed a really erratic tracklisting and where the title was complete false advertisement (don't say "fierce" in an album title and only 3 songs on it are "fierce"). The Grammy council must've had a brain lapse especially when they've given out awards for albums like Songs In The Key of Life and Thriller. Also don't get me started on The Black Eyed Peas, who were good...once, but them being nominated for some of the worst songs that plagued the charts this year has me wondering if these nominations are for compensation for years long gone.

Lady GaGa, who received five nominations, including Album of the Year, is one I'm rooting for, because well...she did have the Best Pop album in the past 4 years whether people want to believe it or not. Plus she's the most entertaining. Go Go GaGa Go!

What I'm also extremely ecstatic about is that some people on the Grammy council actually listened to some music this year, as we get too see names such as Ledisi, The Foreign Exchange, Eric Roberson, Lalah Hathaway, Jazmine Sullivan, Anthony Hamilton, Musiq Soulchild, Mos Def, Maxwell and Melanie Fiona all getting Grammy nominations. All of these names are deserving of going home with a gilded phonograph, and for once the Grammys got around to listening to R&B/Hip-Hop that is off the beaten mainstream path. Also Brownie points for the Grammys picking the correct songs for Lalah Hathaway ("That Was Then"), Mos Def ("Casa Bey") and Melanie Fiona ("It Kills Me") for their their prospective nominations, as those songs are each artists best compositions. Also a gold star for recognizing that Ledisi's Turn Me Loose album is the shiznick.

Also seeing MGMT and The Ting Tings, getting a nomination in the Best New Artist category was refreshing considering they had some of the catchiest tunes from last year, not to mention solid albums. Yet, the pop category was a little weak for me, possibly because the artists and albums chosen (Kelly Clarkson and P!nk mostly) weren't exactly the best. Plus, a big head scratch for the Ciara and Justin Timberlake collabo, "Love Sex Magic" being thrown on there for Pop Collaboration. Who put money under the table for that?

Then there were some snubs, massive as they were, they were expectant. Kanye West was one of those, even though he was nominated in the Rap Performance by a Group or Duo, for his Young Jeezy collaboration on 808's track, "Amazing", he was shafted in almost every major Rap category even though he had heafty hits with "Heartless" and "Love Lockdown". Now we know that karma is indeed a chigger bug biter because interrupting teenaged country singers during award speeches will bar you from getting Grammy noms.

Also sometimes you can't rush things, as Whitney Houston found that pushing your album up to be in the Grammy running doesn't pay off, as her comeback album, I Look To You, was snubbed. Yes, it was a tall drink of Adult Contemporary with a sprinkle of age appropriate party jams, but don't the Grammys love that slosh? Not Mama Nippy's slosh because no nominations. Not even for "Million Dollar Bill" or the mushy Diane Warren title track. Oh, wells.

To wrap up, the Grammys, yet again are going to be interesting show which will bring the jeers, tears and cheers. Can't wait till January 31st!


  1. Boo! Sasha Fierce is an amazing album and I hope Beyjesus scoops the pool. However, I have a strange feeling that Taylor might beat her and Lady GaGa.

    Good to have you back


  2. LOL, oh Mike! :)

    You know I'm not impressed with Beyonce, lol, but as long as she shakes her rump, everybody is happy. But yes, Taylor Swift is looking like the contender to smash Bey and La Ga Ga at the Grammys, even though I think if that happened, it would be a "beautiful nightmare"

    ...see what I did there *rimshot*


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