Recycle It!: Love Changes...Four Times

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Listening to "Love Changes" is like peeling back an onion, when you hear about one cover, there is another one and another, until you've ended up with a song that no one really knows who sung it first, and you're still peeling it back, tears forming, all riled up at the mystique of the song wanting to know its origin. To my knowledge, metal-funk group Mother's Finest performed and released "Love Changes" first in 1978, and it went semi-unnoticed. A total departure from what their normal soundscape is, "Love Changes" is the group getting soft and Joyce Kennedy turning her electric charge down a couple of notches to a soulful croon.

Before neo-soul patriarch, Angie Stone exposed her "Mahogany Soul" and was in the group, Vertical Hold, she was called Angie B. and was in another group called The Sequence, a female hip-hop/funk hybrid trio in the early 80's that were signed to the Sugar Hill record label. The group had a small hit with the track, "Funk You Up", which was the first rap single released by a female group. Sometime after this success, the group did the first remake of "Love Changes" in 1982. Not much changed music wise, as the song sticks to the crawling seductive funk of Mother's Finest original, but still some impressive vocals. And check out those primary colored outfits...

In 1987, producer/singer Kashif and singer Me'lisa Morgan synthesized the song up, morphed into a man-woman duet format, made a video for it and gained a #2 R&B hit with their rendition. Basically they give it the all-star treatment, and the most radio accessible version of the song.

Then if that wasn't enough coverage, Jamie Foxx and Mary J. Blige took to duetting together on the 2005 rehash, which was featured on Foxx's Unpredictable album. Jamie and Mary tread the ground that Kashif and Me'lisa Morgan did some 20 years ago using the miming the same vocal licks, but adding in hip-hop beats and a more 21st Century R&B touch to the music. It's pretty decent for what it is, but for me, the magic rests in the original. Yet, one thing is for certain, the song is still a classic no matter who sings it!

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  1. Angie has a new album out called "Unexpected"
    Twitter her...


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