Remember The Time Vids: "I Found The Masterpiece In You"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ever had an early music memory? A memory so premature that whenever you're just washing dishes, minding your own business and the tune just pops into your head, and literally you are transported back into the time and place you heard the song. Just me? Okay, just checking.

In an odd way, out of all the Atlantic Starr songs that I heard throughout my youth, their 1991 single, "Masterpiece" is a song that I distinctly remember knowing every single word even though I was quite bitty at the time of its release and had no clue why someone was such a "masterpiece". Finger painting was all the art training I had at that time, so forgive me. Listening to this song now, its still as lovely as when it was first spun.  Yeah, Atlantic Starr really knew how to tug at those heart strings with their collection of ballads, making you feel like a complete sap, but this track is their most delicate and sincere, in my book. Here is a 1992 performance (oddly, the performance I remember seeing as a wee Audio Diva) the group did on The Arsenio Hall Show. Flat-tops and mulit-colored suit jackets...yep, its the early 90's alright.

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