Riddle Me List: While I Was Sleeping...A Recap Of What I Missed Out On

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Missing a week in a half of blogging about musical muses and tunes is like waking up from a Rip Van Winkle slumber. You're discombobulated, might smell a little tart and you are wayyy behind on what happened that whenever you mention something, everybody has scrunched noses going, "I already knew about that, you late!". So feeling a little out of the loop, let me reassemble myself with 5 things that I missed out on while being balled and chained to my school work and being stuffed with turkey.

1. Janet Jackson's Dangling Earrings Welcome You

Mama Jan Jan has been working those dangle earrings hasn't she? She was clackety-clacking during the touching interview she did with Robin Roberts, and now she's drawing you into the video for her fiery new single, "Make Me". The video for "Make Me" is a nice modern throwback to Janet's classic dance videos, as a bulk of this visually reminds me of the video time she shared with Michael on their duet, "Scream". Though the choreography isn't the finest that Janet has danced through, but seriously when you do videos like "Rhythm Nation" and "The Pleasure Principle", you can half-ass something and still come off as being better than kiddos half your age.

2. Sade's Back-a-licious cover art
Now THIS is how you do an album cover, people. It's effortless, classy and well, it doesn't scream "I'm a try hard! Let's photoshop glitter and angst everywhere!" (here's looking at you Adam Lambert and Chris Brown). Sade the woman and the band are coming back with Solider Of Love, come February 2010, and I couldn't be happier to see their return, especially after gazing at this artful album cover. And oh yeah, Sade Adu is 50 now...thus:
this album cover > your life.

3. Kelis' Sings In "Acapella"
I know. I know. This isn't Kelis in her "usual" state, or whatever that is supposed to be, but it's nice that she doesn't don the old hat with this new track. Kelis is now a free bird after recently divorcing husband, rapper, Nas, but she's gushing about finding a special someone on this new single, "Acapella" from her upcoming fifth effort. The word play in this song is quite charming and the beat is a trance club kid's escapade. Some probably want Kelis to return to the brash call-out of "Caught Out There" or to her work with The Neptunes, but to my ears Kelis can't make a worse song than "Milkshake" so she's always good to go since she got that frothy Top 40 crap out of her system. This David Guetta produced track is massive and is sure to be a lofty hit for Kelis. Pass me the glow sticks, please.

4. J*DaVeY Are 'Outta The Window'
I have been a wee bit slackish on the updates of Ms. Davey and Brook D’Leau, but no time like the present to catch up on what the duo have been up to since they've been playing hide-n-seek with new material as of recently. Fortunately, we'll be having a holly jolly Christmas when the pair drop a brand new EP entitled, Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistape on Christmas Day (joy to the world!). "Outta The Window" is one of the tracks from the EP that got a leak last week and it's quite fetching, right down to its skittish rimshots, perky punk-rock guitars and a thumping bassline.

5. Corrine Bailey Rae's Return

If you follow me on my erratic Tumblr blog, The Queen Of Starting Over, you've probably already gazed upon the lofty video of Corrine Bailey Rae strumming her guitar on Jools Holland to a new tune entitled, "I'd Do It All Again", yet I had to share it again, because it's so damn good. Clearly, this performance is to proving upfront that her return to the music scene is warmly welcomed, as well as the fact that the girl can rock a gorgeous cascading coif of curls. Isn't she just lovely?

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