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Monday, December 14, 2009

I know. It's not 2010...yet. Still with all the countdown lists, people saying "Happy Holidays" and "See ya in January!", well its time to dust off Auld Lang Syne and say cest la vie to 2009. Thus, it's time for some changes, and like Ledisi said this year : "I'm going through changes" and well, it is poignant. Audio Diva is taking on some changes for the upcoming year, yet the voice of musical reason is still intact and still as exuberant to muse, review and go on adventures that are of the musical persuasion. So what exactly is new here? ...

  • Layout: Don'tcha love the new layout? It's easier to navigate, organized and for people with weary eyes, a big old break from the technicolor spin-out that was the previous layout. I wanted to premiere the layout in the new year, but I got impatient. 
  • 'Adventures' Name Drop: Don't freak. The blog is still called, Adventures of an Audio Diva, but since alot of people have condensed the title down to Audio Diva in their links, in speaking/twittering/blogging about me, etc. I decided, why the hell not? and joined the crowd.
  • Tags: I have condensed the tags aka "the Adventures"...for easier navigation, once again.  
  • "Read More" Tag Returns: Because even I got sick of scrolling. 

I'm truly looking forward to what 2010 is going to bring, but in the meantime, while you enjoy the new layout and new posts into the new year, Audio Diva is going to finish up 2009 with continuing the recap of the 2000's, spotlighting Christmas tunes, and beginning to countdown the best of what 2009 had to offer. Oh, yeah, and continue on the road to more musical adventures.

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