Album Watch: Great Expectations For 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

As I continue breaking into 2010 like a new pair of shoes, the anticipation and high hopes for a musically stunning year are rising. Hopefully, 2010 will be a perfect fit, where the music just feels right from the first note and isn't awash in mediocrity. Towards the end of last year, there were a few musical endorphins that cropped up that spiked my excited meter to well...Pointer Sisters "I'm So Excited" proportions. This year we'll hopefully be seeing returns for album number two (Corrine Bailey Rae, Santigold), for those who have been pulling our legs (Bilal, Erykah Badu) and for those we've waited on till hair has probably turned gray (Sade, D'Angelo). So what am I looking forward too marinating my ear drums with the beginning of the 'noughteens'? A rundown of the confirmed, the rumored and those who should make an appearance this year.    

The Confirmed Brigade 

Sade - Soilder Of Love
We've heard the thundering title track, peeked at the tracklisting and seen that Miss Sade Adu doesn't look a day over 25. Now it's time to welcome back the band after ten grueling years. Oh, yes, I'm ready for this.

Expectation:  A modern take on what 1986's Promise was...and continuing on what the epic escapade that "Solider Of Love" took us on.

Erykah Badu - New Amerykah Part Two: Return of The Ankh
She has already had the listening session for it, the critics have already weighed in, now it is time for Ms. Badu to wow us and make us scratch our heads all over again at the musical taspetry she will be throwing at us.

Expectation: For Erykah Badu to expand on her sound, making it even more undefinable and sounding even more intriguing than previous efforts.

Corinne Bailey Rae - The Sea
We know why Corinne has spent three years away from the microphone, now she is returning with her heart on her sleeve and her guitar saddled in her lap ready to warm us up all over again. She even pushed up the release date for The Sea, and that is golden.

Expectation: Admit it. We all like it when an artist has some sort of inner turmoil or drama whenever they make a record, and after hearing "Closer" and "I'd Do It All Again", this album might be the deepest set of songs we'll hear all year.

Goldfrapp - Head On
2008's Seventh Tree was sinisterly beautiful, but I like it when Goldfrapp are wallowing in grungy trip-hop and electronic pop sewer water. The first single, "Rocket" has been likened to what "Ooo La La" was all about and that sounds like we're heading in the right direction.
Expectation: If 2003's "Strict Machine" was a full album. 

Christina Aguilera - Bionic
"Light & Darkness" has now become "Bionic" and while I don't particular like either title, the line-up of producers alone has got me salivating for this. Sia, Ladytron, M.I.A., Santigold, Le Tigre, Tricky Stewart, Linda Perry, Goldfrapp...all and more have been confirmed to be latched to this project.

Expectation: With the roster of producers and the "futuristic" nature this album has been buzzing about, it's about time that Christina went to the second phase of her career. Hopefully, Christina just really just blows it out of the water, leaving other pop/R&B divas with their fishnets down to their ankles.

The "It's Coming In 2010, Or So I Think" Club

Sia - We Are Born
The recently leaked "You've Changed" got me excited for Sia doing an album of disco-dance.

Kelis - Fleshtones 
 Even though I was in the minority, "Acapella" dazzled me, and with Kelis claiming that Fleshtones was to be "electro-disco" I'm all ears.
D'Angelo - Rumored
Let's just say I've been wanting this since the early noughties...if Sade and Maxwell can come out of hibernation/hermit-dom, so can D.

Santigold - Rumored
The name change and legal battle that happened early this year hasn't faltered her spirit, as it has been reported that she has been working with Diplo and Switch and The Neptunes on album #2.

Bilal - Rumored
In a sense, I forget about Bilal...which is bad on my part because his debut, 1st Born Second is unforgettable. But its he's been a bit flighty, thus it was a pleasant shock to see him pop up on Maxwell's BlackSummersnight tour last year. Since the massively shelved, Love For Sale has been keeping fans tied over, he thought it best to toss fans a bone this year, as a new "Electro-Jazz-Steely Dan-Bobby Womack-John Lennon-Inspired" album is indeed making its appearance in 2010. 

Roisin Murphy - Rumored
 "Orally Fixated" set the tone, and now that Murphy recently had her bundle of joy, it's time to follow up 2007's Overpowered. Let's hope its a every bit as kooky, funky and infectious as previous efforts.

Sam Sparro - Rumored 
Mr. Sparro has been producing and riding on the collaboration train as of late, but he is following up his incredible self-titled debut, or so rumor has stated...

Janet Jackson - Rumored
"Make Me" just wet my whistle and she has been dropping hints on her Twitter. 2010 might have me in stan overdrive.

Who Should 2010 Themselves
With a debut album so perfect, she was bound to be around for a millisecond and then dissapate into thin air. An album from New Zealand's biggest 80's New Wave supporter in 2010 would ease this notion.

Amy Winehouse
Holding breath. Turning purple in face.*goes back to listening to Back To Black, cursing Amy Winehouse out*

Justin Timberlake
I may be hot n' cold when it comes to Justin Timberlake these days, but after that dismal Robin Thicke Sex Agony Therapy, I need Timberlake to show how FutureSex/LoveSounds should be for this year. Just maybe Timberlake could do an album without Timbaland this time, just to keep the sounds from being like stale Rice Krispies cereal. I want some snap, crackle and pop.

Teedra Moses
Jeez...I know Teedra's record label, TVT  has fallen through the floor, but The Lioness has been in production since my freshman year in college...and I'm about to graduate this year in May. "Everybody Rock!" , "So Kool" and "To Hell With", plus all those blasted mixtapes were just apologies to tie us over. 

Vivian Green
She signed a three album deal with E1-Music last year in April and there have been two confirmed new tracks coming from her camp ("Beautiful" and "One of None") where is the third album?


  1. I did not know about the Aguilera project! I'm looking forward to that as well. and I sooo agree with your list of Who Shoulds. We shall see!


  2. I am hoping that 2010 is an exciting music year. It is really seeming that way; so many people are coming out or should be. I'm excited to hear Sam Sparro's new album; his first one I am truly in love with.

  3. I thought the Aguilera title was total lamesauce as well, but apparently she stated in a new interview that the album will instead be called 'Bionic'. This very recent news as in yesterday or something. ;) Thought I'd share.

    I'm definitely psyched for Sade and Christina, I'd prob die if we got Sam, Janet, Roisin and Santigold too. :)

  4. Corrected Mel! :) I don't like the title 'Bionic' either...but we always can't get what we want, lol

    Glad you guys enjoyed this quasi-list. Let's all hope that we hear from any of these artists this year!


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