Album Watch: Returing To Paradise With Sam Sparro

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sam Sparro is making my 2011 dreams come true with the first inklings of Return To Paradise, his upcoming sophomore set, coming to fruition. And does he deliver...

Taking a late hall pass to this, it's exciting to know that Sparro has contracted ultimate dance party fever this time latching onto being inspired by 90's House. His newly released "buzz single", "Pink Cloud" is evidence of this style as it is a non-stop dancefloor burner, that for 90's children like me, it is a right blast from the past.  In addition to fans a neat holiday treat by dropping the Pink Cloud EP. The EP, which Sparro dubs an "art project" and not a "single", features the title track, it's remixes (by noted DJ's Julian Brody, Saint Le Roq, and NguzuNguzu) and a brand new song, the B-side, "You's A Nasty", which follows in the same spatty House vein as 'Cloud'. Man, I feel like doing the Romy & Michele dance to all of this.

I adore Sam Sparro, as his 2008 self-titled debut is just plain fantastic, so hearing that he's following that project up with Return To Paradise this year is like drinking that champagne I had on New Years all over again. It's just kind of a shame his voice is taking a ride in the backseat on these tracks, but he has promised that Return To Paradise will be full of that soulful tone we adore so much. Thank goodness. Take a listen to (the NSFW and NSFYourHips) "You's A Nasty" and head on over to Sparro's official page for something free and special.

Sam Sparro: You's A Nasty

DL: Pink Cloud EP

Camino: SB / EQ

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