Artist Watch: Keeping Up With Duffy

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are you prepared to have some Duffy in your life? Blog partner, Mr. Will posed this question: Where in the world is Duffy? And it's been a question that I have been asking myself since it has been about two years since we've heard anything from the honey-blonde warbler. Where is she and what is she up to musically? To refresh your brains, the Welsh singer rose to fame with the massive can't-get-out-of-your brain, "Mercy". The song ended up having people write her off  prematurely as a one-hit-wonder as Duffy wasn't considered to be as accessible as Adele or as seedy as Amy Winehouse. A shame since she had only one song to prove herself. The singer's debut, Rockferry is quite an elegant album, especially once you hear beyond "Mercy." Songs like "Stepping Stone", the title track and "Warwick Avenue" were far superior, but people's attention spans do wane out.

Hopefully, like me, you've stuck around and have wanted to see what Duffy has in store for her second act and second act she has for us. Apparently the production for the follow-up to Rockferry was delayed due to Duffy not being pleased with how her management was running as well as the direction for her sophomore effort. Now it has been disclosed that Duffy has been working with producer/writer Albert Hammond Sr. and surprisingly, ?uestlove from The Roots. The direction of the album has been noted to "feel like it was born in 1963". Well, if it's anything like Rockferry, then I'm pleased as Crystal Light fruit punch to get a chance to hear it and know that Duffy is no one-trick pony.


  1. hmm.. i love coming here, it's like a breath of fresh air! im such a fan, lol. but i love Duffy, "Stepping Stone" & "warwick Avenue" are golden tracks, & you're right, she's like Adele + Amy Winehouse + something else i can't quite put my finger on...

  2. looking forward to new material from duffy; her debut cd is still in heavy rotation in the ipod.


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