Artist Watch: Rox Steady

Thursday, January 28, 2010

There's been some buzzin' going on in my ear about UK vocalist, Rox, and finally I'm going to do something about all this racket in my ears. So what I did was what I do usually when I get imersed in an artist and their sound...scour the web like I'm searching for buried treasure (peg leg and eye patch are optional) and then consult other music heads that I know for the full rounded opinion. Then from there it's all about lodging the artist/band's name in the storage cranium for future reference.

Rox was no different as today, I'm pulling out the manila file folder, hoping off the late bus and disclosing this music subject to you guys. If you're a soul/pop enthusiast like myself, then this should no doubt rock your boat. The South London native is a fan of ranging acts like Joni Mitchell, Sade, Mahalia Jackson and Common, and these varying influences play a part in the makings of Rox's unique and refreshing sound. Not to mention her vocal acrobatics.

Rox is planning to release her debut album, Memoirs, this spring and its to include some spicy numbers like "My Baby Left Me", Reggae influenced, "Rock Steady" and my personal favorite, "No Going Back". Recently, Rox was pegged on BBC's "Sounds Of 2010" list not to mention was featured on MTV's "10 To Watch in 2010" you know right away that hopping on Rox's bandwagon is serious business and one ride that shouldn't be missed. Peep the new music video for "My Baby Left Me" after the cut, and dig the streams of "Rock Steady" and "No Going Back" to get a feel for what Rox is delivering.

Rock Steady
No Going Back

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