Crisp N' Fresh: Jay-Z Goes To The 'Next' Level In Artsy Fartsy Vid

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is it possible to like a music video over the initial song? That is something to wonder because usually my indecisive self swings in the opposite direction, where the video never does the song justice (see John Legend's "Green Light" video for an example...yep, still mad about that one). In the case of Jay-Z's video for new Blueprint 3 single, "On To The Next One" he has done the impossible and created a visual that outshines the track it's based on. Serious, I even turned the volume on mute and watched know for "scenic  beauty". I guess I'm a sucker for bizarro imagery in a stark black n' white backdrop because the video captivated my attention till the screen faded. You'll see great fire balls of basketballs, crystal skulls, Joker-esque Emo-ites and leaping fashionistas, and that's just four images. This is a video where you don't question what is going on as the imagery speaks (or doesn't speak) for itself. Just kind of sit back and let the glossy cinematography take you. 

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