Audio Vision: Jennifer Hudson Does Whitney Proud at the BET Honors

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Singing "I Will Always Love You" is a tricky task, just ask all those American Idol hopefuls who try to execute this during audition time. Or remember when you crouched down like Whitney Houston in your bedroom to emulate the 1992 video and waited for that climatic moment where Miss Houston's voice escalated and you sang along so loud worrying your parents that you were hollering for trouble (true story)? Singing "I Will Always Love You" has formulated into it's own battleground, you have to enter at your own risk and with tons of arsenal because well, no one can hold a candle to Whitney Houston's version of Dolly Parton's 1973 single.

Until, Jennifer Hudson stepped on stage at the BET Honors last night and showed how she's about to seal her place into being the singing diva of her generation, taking the throne that Houston once held. Though Jennifer Hudson, hasn't had that album to really grasp the listening public (cause let's face it, her 2008 debut left little to desire, Grammy or not) her vocals are still top notch, as you can see here. If Miss Hudson continues on this trek, and gets with the right producers and record handlers...who knows what can happen? Till that occurs, enjoy this spine-tingling rendition of one of Mama Houston's beloved songs where Hudson gives a mighty performance worthy of praise and a second look.


  1. J Hud is such a pretender. I really don't get the hype. Bitch is no Whitney - even with her current crack whore voice.

  2. LOL, I truly missed your snark Mike :)

  3. MIKE it is sad to say, but you don't know talent are music. Why are you even making a comment. MIKE this is not a game, and why are you haters are even on her site. Something is seriously going on with you to visit someone site you don't like to make a lying comment is sick and crazy of you. Leave the drugs alone!!!


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