Buzzy Wuzzy: Grammy Whammy 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

3-D glasses couldn't have made the 52nd annual Grammys even more headache inducing this year. Every single year, I ask myself why do I tune into the Grammys? Sometimes I slightly feel shame for myself for engaging in 3+ hours of awards and performances that are either laughably bad or just plain the equivalent of an Ambien sleeping pill. Yet, I'm a music nerd, the Grammys are the Superbowl of music, and I run a music blog. Thus, I feel obligated and kind enough to give you guys, my oh so loyal readers, some sort of dish on what went on with the awards. Thus, I must engage in the madness.

Most of the fun for commentating about the Grammys occurred on Twitter. So if you follow me (which you should be doing already!) then you got the full experience of my uncensored snarkiness and bad behavior. In honesty, my excitement for viewing the awards waned through the middle of the show because everything became typical and not as noteworthy. Nonetheless, the 52nd Grammy's was an entertaining affair, that brought the laughs, the rage and the urge to question...well, everything, especially the fact that Grammy wins don't really mean much as any Joe Blow can get them nowadays.

Lots of other blogs and sites have or had extensive coverage of the awards, so if you want to see more, visit some of my affiliates (especially Pinboard , MuuMuse and Soul Bounce) for a more in-depth look. But if you want to peer into the Audio Diva telescope and read, you're more than welcome to click behind the cut for for some pros-and-cons/highlight and lowlights of Grammy night last night. And be sure start the discussion on what you enjoyed/didn't enjoy at last night's award show in the comments! :)

For a full list of winners click here.  

Pro: Maxwell wins 2 Grammys - Long overdue, even though "Pretty Wings" has been in rotation for too long.Yet, if there was a deserving winner last was Maxwell. Congrats!

Con: Taylor Swift won Album of the Year - And how dare she forget to give thanks to Kanye West in her acceptance speech. Without him, none of this would've have been possible! Serious, if you look at the facts, Taylor Swift did have the best selling album last year, but should that really be the essence of an award win, shouldn't it be on talent merit alone? The Grammy council needs to recalculate...

Pro: Lady GaGa and Elton John performed a brilliant merge of "Your Song/Speechless" together, and in Fame rhinestone shades - It opened the show and closed the thing down. Hands down the best performance of the night, next to Pink's lovely acrobat ballet of "Glitter In The Air".

Con: Jamie Foxx and T-Pain stomp around and "Blame It On The Alcohol" - Foolishness to the 100th power. I think once they gave Jamie Foxx the Oscar for Ray, he thinks he can do anything now, and T-Painful continues to stick around for whatever reason. I kind of wanted to have those 3-D glasses on so it would've distorted my view of what I just saw...

Pro: The Michael Jackson Tribute brought together the talents of Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Smokey Robinson, Usher and Celine Dion - Jennifer and Carrie sang the thing, Usher should never hit high notes again. Yet, singing "Earth Song" was a nice, spine chilling nod to the late King of Pop. 

Con: The Michael Jackson Tribute had to be plagued with 3-D glasses and the drooping sense that no tribute can hold a candle to what Michael Jackson achieved in his lifetime. - Not so much as a con, but it was terribly tear jerking when MJ's children, Prince Michael and Paris took to the stage to accept their father's Lifetime Achievement Grammy.

Fashion  Pro: Lady Gaga pages Grace Jones and David Bowie, with a weapon in her hand.

 And...channeling the White Witch from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe with a smudge of Labelle.

Con: Everyone else and how they were dressed - okay...Keri Hilson had a nice dress on

And so did Jennifer Hudson...who looked just great. 

Final Notes
*The Grammy's shouldn't award much less nominate a person for a cover song. Beyonce won for Etta James' "At Last" and India.Arie won for Sade's "Pearls"...and really isn't the Grammys supposed to be about originality and timeliness? Guess not.
*On the Beyonce note, she won the most Grammy's in a night, taking home six, breaking Alicia Keys' record from 2002. Uh oh.
*A little miffed that Ledisi, Foreign Exchange, Pink, The Ting-Tings and Melaine Fiona didn't win something...*sigh* maybe next time.
*Where was Kanye West when you needed him to interrupt stuff?


  1. I also wrestle with the notion of watching the Grammy's as I know it usually makes me very angry AND the people who find to be uber-talented are usually overlooked for the mainstream artists that are shoved down our throats all of the time. I must say that this year's viewing was made tons better by the twitter forum that was available however there were still some major letdowns. My letdowns begun before the actual production even aired as they were showing the awards given earlier in the day. I wish that Lalah Hathaway's performance was included in the live broadcast. I wish that Beyonce would stop winning R&B awards for Pop songs...(I'm sorry, but I just don't think that R&B songs are R&B b/c they use Negro dialect and urban producers...Single Ladies is a Pop song)...I also wish that she would not win songwriting awards b/c well...*sigh...AND as much as ppl tout her for being a vocal powerhouse (and she is...I'll give her that) but she uses pre-recorded live vocals, and that's the same as lip-synching in my book. Anyhoo...I'm done with seeing her recycled tour stuff at awards stuff...if you don't know what I'm talking about youtube her "I Am" tour...the exact same show can be found minus the random army (thank God)...and as great as Pink was...her performance was also recycled from last year's VMA's...There wasn't a performance that I was apalled by except for the Jamie Foxx/T-Pain coonshow. Oh yea...and Taylor was tres flat sparking curiosity as to how she won any vocal performance awards...I didn't agree with any of the R&B/HipHop awards except for album choices but seriously..."Crack A Bottle/Run this Town"???? I don't know if I hold more disdain for that or "Pants on the Ground" on the red carpet...but yea...back to the performances...I could apreciate what everyone else brought to the table...the MJ tribute was lame in my opinion...I feel like there could've been more b/c as much as he is known for thought-provoking lyrics, he is also known for innovations in dance...Carrie surprised me, reminding me that she can actually sing...kudos to her...but i think that i've rambled enough... :-)
    Great review!

  2. I always get excited at the nominations but I'm never too big on the show.

  3. It was boring like a Leona Lewis album. Lady Gaga's outfit was amazing though. I love her.


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