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Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's the buzz, tell me what's a happenin' 
  • Sade hits #1 on the Billboard charts, something that finally makes sense [NYT]
  • In case you missed it...Lady GaGa and Florence + The Machine win big at the Brits, Lily Allen spazzes out and the Spices! [MuuM]
  • Piracy Wars wage on for music bloggers [WIRD]
  • Michael Jackson is to be honored with art work in the subway where the "Bad" video was filmed [UPI]
  • The Oscars will not be featuring any music performances [IDOL
  • Butter Queen Paula Deen to be on American Idol? Hope she's not feeding the contestants.... [E!]
  • Prince rehearsal videos from joke. [SB]
  • Nina Sky cover The Ronettes...not as bad as you would think [PB]
  • VV Brown talks about how her music is like a Pollock painting  [PRN]
  • Jill Scott was on Mo'nique, disclosed 'W&S Vol. 4' is to be 'freestyled' and ate some hot sauce. [DM]
  • Mariah Carey's Angels Advocate tour isn't doing so heavenly sales wise...with that setlist it sure isn't [MD
  • Yeah, the new Sugababes album ain't Sweet 7, it's sour [PTA]
  • Glad I wasn't the only one who hated the "We Are The Fail World" remake, Jay-Z talks some sense [RS]
  • Well, George Michael's "Father Figure" is ruined for me now [CRKD]

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