Crisp N' Fresh: Monica Brings 'Everything' and More

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The last time that I truly listened to Monica was back in 2003 when After The Storm was released, the record was so-so, but on that album resided her last best song, "So Gone." Now flash to 2010, and I'm still comparing her output to that great musical moment. So I never really gave her latest "comeback" single, "Everything To Me" much thought, possibly because after two weak albums (After the Storm and 2006's The Makings of Me), I just wasn't interested anymore.

Now retracting those thoughts.

 After viewing the visual for "Everything To Me", I'm convinced that Monica is going for the gusto on her upcoming, Still Standing and that she's bringing that old school mentality back as the video is kind of the answer to my music video campaign prayers: There is an actual storyline. The vid follows through on a Fatal Attraction twist and it neatly unfolds to much intrigue. Though the song is rather charming and the video engaging, I can't but feel that two and two don't go together, almost as if the soundtrack for a video featuring a loony woman stalking a family around should be dark in nature. Not a summery sounding soul song backed with the lush instrumentation loop of Deneice Williams' "Silly". Still, props all around for a job well done, not to mention the sweet tribute to late great designer, Alexander McQueen, who designed some of the fabulous creations Monica is sporting in this. Sharp.

Still Standing will be in stores March 23rd. 


  1. i am still upset at her for dissing mariah on the view! hmmph!

  2. Everyone hates on "The Makings of Me", but I still love me some "Sideline Ho". :)

    This song is lovely -- but don't see it going anywhere with the kids today.

  3. Loving this Costco, Eva Mendes-lookalike featured in the video. (!)


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