First Impressions: Janelle Monae Dances OnThe 'Tightrope'

Thursday, February 11, 2010

At the moment, I'm currently snowed in (a rarity in Texas) so it's truly fantastical that Janelle Monae has debuted a brand new single off of her upcoming album, The Arch Android to keep me entertained while I snuggle up with my mug of green tea. 

After what seemed like Foreversville for Janelle Monae to have an full length album out, we hopefully, if we cross fingers, toes and eyes, will have The Arch Android out this year. For our enjoyment, the first single, "Tightrope" made it's entrance today, and it's a funky horn-infused hand clapping twisting and shouting dance fest. With Big Boi spitting some verses part-way in, this song is surely going to get people excited for Janelle's official debut as it's quite delish.

Surprisingly, this cut is actually not as 'far-out' as Monae's previous releases, such as the intergalactic soul trip that we were taken on with 2008's Metropolis: Suite I - The Chase, it's a little tamer with much more polish, but it still possesses a lot of that spunk that Monae is known for and it has a flippin' great instrumentation and arrangement.     

"Tightrope" will be released tomorrow on Monae's website, along with another new track, "Cold War". But you don't have to wait (since we've been waiting for this debut album for such a long while) as you can listen below. With the snow falling outside my window, and news of not one but two new Janelle Monae tracks, it seems more like Christmas in February.

Tightrope (ft. Big Boi)

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