First Impressions: "Jump In The Air and Stay There." Will Do Ms. Badu

Monday, February 1, 2010

If your friends told you to jump in the air and stay there, would you do it? You might have heard your parents say something along these lines, yet if Ms. Erykah Badu was my friend (dreams) and she told me to get my Kriss Kross on...yeah, I'd jump. Why? When you're in the Church of Badu, you don't interrupt the sermon.

On Friday, Badu disclosed that she was leaking one track off of her upcoming, Return of the Ankh project, and in an anticipated wait we get the finished product, "Jump Up In The Air and Stay There". At first listen, this didn't particularly latch onto to me and Lil' Goblin Wayne's addition had me sour in the mouth. Yet, like flowers...I had to let it grow and soon the clunky clanky rhythm sounded a bit better by third listen. Not truly in love with the song, as this sounds a bit mediocre to me. Though it was a real tasty treat that Bilal came out of the lair to add in some of his soulful ad-libs that surely pop out of this track. Still I'd rather hear this song as it will be played in the album, you know, for a meatier effect.

Like I mentioned to a pal awhile back, if Eryakh spent a whole album singing about pigeon poop, I'd be cranking it up and voicing that it was the opus of greatness. Return of the Ankh will (or should) be in stores, March 30, 2010.

Jump In The Air and Stay There (ft. Lil' Wayne and Bilal)


  1. Like you, I would listen to EB sing the phone book. I actually like this song though. Not her normal schtick but me likie.

  2. It will take another listen from me, but I do like it. Erykah's just mad, mad, MAD creative and respectful of the phunk. LOL


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