First Impressions: 'Make My Heart' Brings Back The Pulse For Toni Braxton

Monday, February 15, 2010

To be honest, there were so many leaks whizzing left and right from Toni Braxton's upcoming Pulse project that it became a bit tedious to the point of me ignoring a lot of what was released. Especially since a lot of the tracks released after other decent, leaks like "Not A Chance", were soppy ballads that paled in comparison from Toni's previous ballad outputs. So I missed what a swiveling dance-floor ready spectacle "Make My Heart" is, thus I'm making up for lost listening time by noting how this is quite how I wanted Miss Braxton to comeback...not sucking the face off of Trey Songz.

"Make My Heart" reminds me of something early 2000's Toni would've done, think 2001's "Hit The Freeway" or even go back a decade and recall that 1992 number, "Give You My Heart" that Toni did with Babyface. It's not the finest pop-R&B jaunt, but it's still satisfying enough to get us in the mood for what Pulse has in store as it has a great horn opening and has Toni getting out of that slushy ballad river she was wading in. The Pulse project is still underway, even amid jabber of push-backs and financial issues, and it's to (sadly) coincide with Braxton's latest venture: reality TV.

Later this year, Braxton will be featured in Bravo's Braxton Family Values, which not only showcases Toni, but her sisters from 90's R&B group, The Braxtons. Le sigh. Guess we get the sour with the sweet.

Click after the cut to see Toni strut her stuff to "Make My Heart" with some over-zealous dancers on the Wendy Williams Show.

1 comment:

  1. She's a bad performer. Bad as in good. Love her. This song is kind of a throwback to the olden house music vogue type days. Her back-up dancers were a bit meh but Toni brings the energy and the sultry heat. LOL. Love her.


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