Song Stuck In My Head: I Wouldn't 'Change' My Life Either, Lisa

Monday, February 15, 2010

"Change" - Lisa Stansfield  (1991)

Oh, it was Valentine's Day yesterday? So where is the list of best lovey-dovey melodies, you ask? Well, if you had been wise, you would've checked Koffee Mag Online, where I dished out the 14 songs for the 14th plus gone back in the archives for a playlist specifically for all you Single Awareness folk. So what did I do on All Hearts Day? Made a special dinner (turkey burgers), watched Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day for the zillionth time (Lee Pace!) and polished off the Arbor Mist Strawberry Zinfandel that was residing in my fridge (*hiccup*). Oh, and I listened to some Lisa Stansfield.

Instead of wallowing in single-dom misery this year, I celebrated my freedom by being brave and listening to songs with a romantic lean to them. Thus, I had a rousing listening session of Lisa Stansfield's first two albums, 1989's Affection and 1991's Real Love , and I had forgotten how both records are rather classy soulful affairs, not to mention, essential late 80's and early 90's listening. Real Love's "Change" is the song of choice as it has always been my favorite Stansfield cut, even though it's subject matter is that mushy stuff about feeling so much devotion in a relationship that no changes need to be made, blah blah blah. But it's a really swinging number that is seasoned with robust horns and strings, and of course Ms. Stansfield's glorious vocal chops. Vocal chops that I wish I had, but don't mind imitating (badly) into a hairbrush.

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