Song Stuck In My Head: Tamia Always Moves My Heart With Her Debut Single

Monday, February 1, 2010

"You Put A Move On My Heart" - Tamia (1994)
It takes a lot for me to fully appreciate a ballad. Yes, I'm lame like that. I usually have high expectations for ballads, especially power ballads. Sure, you must throw your hands around and thrash your head about a la Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera, yet I just like to feel the movement of how the ballad transcends. How the song climbs from a soft coo into a growling rage of emotion. Ballads aren't usually like that anymore so when we look back at Canadian R&B vocalist's Tamia's debut single, I have to say that I miss ballads of this design. 

Like many, I was introduced to the vocal poweress that was Tamia from the song, "You Put A Move On My Heart". I first heard this song off of Quincy Jones' 1994 album, Q's Jook Joint, as my father no less possessed the album. This song proved to be one of the winning tracks off of that collaborative effort and it's a song that continued to stay with me. Last week, I decided to dust off my Tamia collection, and like an old friend, this song came back into the rotation and still was as rewarding as ever. It is what you'd want from a Jones produced and Rod Temperton composed track, it's polished, crisp and catchy. There is another version of this song done earlier by Mica Paris in 1993, yet Tamia's is favored due to her just slamming on the vocals a bit finer. Quincy Jones had the right idea of introducing her to the world (though he didn't do much after her first album...sadly), because Tamia is a vocal talent and today is one of the most grossly underrated songstresses. Though we'll be seeing more of Tamia, hopefully, with the Queen project she has going on with Kelly Price and Deborah Cox...but for now go back to the 90's and recall this sweet number.

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