Song Stuck In My Head: Wearin' Myself Out With Stargard

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wear It Out - Stargard (1979)
In an alternate make-believe world, disco hopping would be the nocturnal activity, not sitting at home with a Stoffer's, a textbook and watching Golden Girls re-runs ad nausem. I'm pretty much a homebody, but if you let me loose in a big city where there are more appealing clubs (Rockin' Rodeo just does not have a sophisticated ring to it), then I'm your girl. So since I've been on some kind of disco kick since dipping into the Chic catalog (Diana Ross, Sister Sledge) and spinning other disco delights, it was natural for me to feel the need to brave the cold and find a dance floor. It was also natural that Stargard's "Wear It Out" would get an appearance in the playlist just because I love it so.

Stargard are the obscure disco act I like. They had attitude, a great name, and spicy tunes. They are most known for singing the theme song to the flick, Which Way Is Up and for playing The Diamonds  in the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton cinematic piece of flounder, St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band movie. Not massively popular, as were flash-in-the-pan disco acts were at the time, but Stargard have a classic in  "Which Way Is Up". Yet, I much prefer the crunchy, Verdine White produced, "Wear It Out" from the group's last album as a trio, The Changing of the Gard. It instantly kick starts into a guitar-bass groove that is undeniable and straight up funky. It forces you to dance, and dance you shall upon listening to it below. Just remember to not hit someone in the face with your wild movements...cause wild you will get with this.


  1. Now why'd I look at them and do a double-take thinking they were Destiny's Child!!! LOL


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