Album Watch: The Bird & The Bee Can Go For That On Hall & Oates Tribute Album

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So I guess it is cool to admit to liking Hall & Oates now since they've been getting indie movement recognition in recent years from bands and sites like Pitchfork? R&B heads have been grooving to Hall & Oates, and not ashamed to say so or pass them off as a fluffy guilty pleasure. But glad to have you aboard the cool mobile, nonetheless, all you new whole oaties because you're in for a treat. As the 80's revival seems to be a constant re-discovery, and one that I don't particularly mind, it wasn't going to be long before we got modern takes on some Hall & Oates classics.

The Bird & The Bee, comprised of singer,  Inara George and producer, Greg Kurstin, who the latter has produced for the likes of Lily Allen, are the first to do so. The duo is dubbed "indie-pop" so there is a sophisticate-pop appeal to how they reconstruct Daryl and John's catalog, it's a move I like to call "sterile soul", kind of what 80's New Wave bands like ABC and Spandau Ballet did, where the synthesizer adds a bit of an icy edge to the warm familiar of what soul music usually is to people.

I'm applauding them for putting out a full album of nothing but H&O cover goodness and showing how many great cuts the duo put out during their 70's and 80's prime. The Bird & the Bee didn't need to stop at just eight tracks, because Hall & Oates has one of the most extensive and varying catalogs that music has to offer, but they hit all the right chords especially with their mellow zen rendition of "Sara Smile" and a snazzy take on my personal favorite H&O jam, "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)". I actually like the smoothie thickness of how they deliver these tracks, and while Inara's voice is no Daryl (because I'm a right stan for that man's voice), but it's just as inviting.

Interestingly enough, I'm curious about what 'volume 2' would bring if they indeed to a follow-up...maybe they should frost over Donna Summer's disco greats, because "Could It Be Magic" definitely needs to be transformed to a slow jam or something. Nevertheless, view after the cut to view the duo swivel to "I Can't Go For That" on a recent visit to The Ellen Show, as well as soak in audio of "Sara Smile" and the electro creep of "Maneater". [via MrWW]

Sara Smile


Learn: The Bird and the Bee Official Site
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