Artist Watch: Are Nikki & Rich, The 'Next Best Thing' ?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Since Spring is about to be in full swing it's time to shed that itchy wool sweater as well as that bulky down coat, and go make a outfit out of floral curtains and frolic in the hills a la Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. Or rather you can just listen to some bubbly tunes to get that pep back into your step after hibernating all winter. And what better way to 'spring' ahead than to get into something spanking new? 

Those vying for Amy Winehouse to return, might want to give Nikki & Rich, a singing-producing duo a go-go as they are the perfect new kids on the R&B/Soul block. Now before you grouse and get snooty about how overcooked the 60's Soul revival is, the duo's infectious sound might melt that ice around your thought and you'll find yourself finger-snapping along. Which is what I did when I got a taste of the duo's debut cuts, "The Next Best Thing" and "Cat & Mouse".

The duo joins together vocalist and former Carrie Underwood back-up singer, Nikki Leonti and former Robin Thicke and Mario producer, Rich Velonskis, and the unity is definitely in sync. The pair bring together their prospective West Coast and East Coast music influences to create a melding sound of doo-woop and soul that steps in those white go-go boots of by-gone girl groups like The Ronettes and The Marvelettes, sprucing it up for modern mindsets who like to dip in the vintage vat. 

"The Next Best Thing" is divinely catchy with it's rambunctious lyrical spill as is "Cat & Mouse" which bops along joyously. You'll be hard pressed to not enjoy this, that's for sure. So get your mood lifted with hearing "Cat and Mouse" and  "The Next Best Thing" after the cut, and be sure to keep Nikki & Rich on your radar as their debut album is set to drop this year.

Cat & Mouse

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