Buzzy Wuzzy: Soul Bossa No-No, Quincy Jones Tribute Album A Remake Nightmare?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Super producer, Quincy Jones had some things to say about Michael Jackson's death last year, but he didn't mention how he would be dealing with that grief by just recklessly making wrong musical moves in the new decade. We first saw it with that rock salt job of "We Are The World", and then there was the announcement (and now the attempt) of Jermaine Dupri overseeing production on a remake of the steamy 1989 R&B jam of "Secret Garden", with Usher, Robin Thicke, LL Cool J, Trey Songz, Tevin Campbell and Tyrese, and the results were about as sexy as undercooked fish. Now, Quincy Jones is continuing to grieve by releasing a brand new collaborative collection of vintage tracks this month (March 24th to be exact), and yes, he's going to have Robin Thicke re-imagine Michael Jackson's 1982 classic, "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) on this upcoming venture. Uh, cue the Price is Right losing horn

I usually celebrate remakes (check the Recycle It! tag), and you know I love me some Thicke, but Quincy Jones is not making all the right moves with this, especially after looking at the other remakes to be made on the upcoming collaboration, Q: Soul Bossa Nostra, which has got me a bit perplexed. 

Aside from that "Secret Garden" mess being on the release...Jennifer Hudson will be handling, "You Put A Move On My Heart", which is good, but come on, Mica Paris and Tamia did it so much better not too long ago. Mary J. Blige is taking on Patti Austin's "Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me", which sounds good on paper (especially with Q-Tip in tow), but after Stronger With Each Tear, I'm on the fence. Then we have Jamie Foxx crooning on George Benson's "Give Me The Night", which will no doubt be auto-tuned up (or Ray Charles impersonated). Then in another corner we have Akon on Brothers Johnson "Strawberry Letter 23"...your killing me softly, Q. 

I think the problem I have with some of these remakes are the people behind them and the wobbly tracklisting. Maybe it's because I harbor a cranky old grandma inside of me who remembers listening to my Dad's 1980's The Dude record, and getting my first taste of hip-hop (when it was still an "experiment" in soul music) with 1989's Back on the Block, that I would like that time back. Still I'm just not floored over the originality of these song choices, especially doing Michael Jackson's as it now seems way too soon, since the man hasn't even been gone for a year. I will admit, it will be interesting to see if Jones can bring back that collaborative magic he did back in the day with this, but I don't think no one can bring the energy quite like this...

Or the sexiness quite like this...


  1. I completely agree, I'm not looking forward to this project at all. Infact, I honestly don't think Robin will be able to pull the PYT cover off, his latest album was weak, as much as I love Robin Thick and his work usually.

    I'm tired of seeing all of these remakes, I know it's a tribute album, but wow, I'll be avoiding this release I reckon. I think the only name on there I like the sound of is Jennifer Hudson, she certainly knows how to bring something to a record.


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