Crisp N' Fresh: Lady GaGa and Beyonce Get Their Thelma & Louise On

Friday, March 12, 2010

Soak in this awesomeness. 

While "Telephone" the song is filled with static and gets minimal coverage, the dazzling, awesome sauce of a visual from the factory of Lady GaGa is nothing short of a technicolor visual fun fest of bad girl power. Just like with "Bad Romance" before it, Lady GaGa knows that the music video is an obsolete art form that barely gets any airtime, much less a channel to reside on. She also knows that whenever they are released they are filled with mediocrity and have a case of the "been there, done that-sees". So what does she do? Well, she makes the music video a treat to behold, adds in Beyonce (and her Bettie Paige hair-do) to amp up the star power, then gets inspired by the artistry direction of Quentin Tarantino, and wholly guacamole, this video is everything that your music loving heart will desire. I don't want to spoil the fun of this video by giving you the play-by-play, because watching this is like being involved in an upscale version of Highlights Magazine's Hidden Pictures. You'll see tons o' shit...soda can rollers! sandwiches! Tyrese's bad acting! platforms! plastic cowboy hats! product placement!  freakin' smoking cigarette shades...tons o' shit. Just massive good fun that let's everybody know that Lady GaGa continues to bring on the great.

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