Crisp N' Fresh: Robin Thicke...What Exactly Are You Doing?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Le sigh. The monstrosity of Robin Thicke's Sex Therapy just keeps reappearing like a bothersome hangnail, reminding me every time that the soul crooner took the easy way out with his fourth installment, showing no growth whatsoever. Gladly his pairing with the salty raptress, Nicki Minaj on that awful "Shakin' It For Daddy" fell to the wayside and now we have the video to the next single, "Rollacosta", which features a very unenthusiastic Estelle. As "Rollacosta" was one of the few tolerable cuts on Sex Agony, yet that tolerance doesn't translate well into a video as seen here.

In some ways I feel like I stepped into a beer commercial, as a throng of attractive models strut about while Robin moves uncomfortably around looking the lounge lizard (though he looks sexy can I in a suit). As it ends, I'm waiting for the punchline in all this and for him or the Tanqueray gin guy to come up and start campaigning some alchohol. And boy, do I want some after viewing this. As for Estelle...well, she looks nice? Talk about your cheap thrills.


  1. hehehe at least he looks really good!!! :')

  2. That's where you are wrong. He didn't attempt to show any growth. If you actually listen to the man instead of making assumptions, you would know that he has said plenty of times this was his fun, party, hip hop album.

    He was not taking himself too seriously or trying to be deep. Now, that he's having a child, he is focused on bigger, deeper things, so his new material will reflect that.

    I get tired of bloggers and folks alike not listening to what an artist is saying. He has made it clear from the beginning this was not his opus. He knows this isn't his greatest work and guess what, he didn't try to make it be.

    Hate or love the material fine. But stop projecting your own ideas onto other people. I happen to love the carefree side of Thicke and had no problem with the album. I also happen to listen to what the man says, therefore, I don't have unrealized expectations that he's not even attempting to reach.

    Try that sometime, it's better than being an assuming fool.

  3. Whoa Kimberley! It really isn't that deep. I understand where you are coming from in your opinion, but note that this is MY blog, and MY opinion on Robin Thicke's latest album and this video, I'm not forcing anyone to stop liking Robin Thicke nor stop purchasing his latest album, thus I'm not trying to project my opinions on anyone. An opinion blog is such, someone's opinion, not fact. If you love the direction that Robin is going for this time out, that is fine, but that is YOUR opinion, not mines, and not every other bloggers/writers. So as I respect your opinion, please respect mines. I didn't like 'Sex Therapy' and I'm not going to pretend just for the sake of being neutral or pleasing fans and readers such as yourself. Hell, I still like Robin Thicke, and I'm not going to stop promoting him even when he doesn't do what I like.

    Also I'm also not an "assuming fool", you can argue with me, but that was a bit extreme, as this blog is one of the more positive zones on the net. Let's agree to disagree and press on.

  4. Jennifer, it's your opinion and that's all that counts.

    I agree completely with what you're saying, I wasn't too pleased with Robin's latest project either, infact the fact that Robin is gorgeous couldn't even interest me on this one and I honestly don't think I've played anything from this project since, well apart from viewing this latest video and coming to the conclusion that I just DO NOT appreciate this album at all, which is a shame as I like Robin's previous work.

    I don't like the direction he's taken with it and even though he has more important things going on his life (ie: becoming a Daddy soon), I just cannot shrug off how bad this album is.

    I used to like Estelle's music too, infact, I thought she was far better before she went Stateside. Her latest effort is just as bad.

    If anyone wants to disagree with both our opinion, feel free, but just remember it is OUR opinion and what you have to say is YOUR opinion. That's just the way the cookie crumbles.


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