First Impressions: Esthero Emerges (Again) With 'Black Mermaid'

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I freaking love Esthero. Love. Love. Love.

Now that we got the gushing out of the way, let's just say that it has been rough being an Esthero devotee, as the Canadian trip hop/soul singer/songwriter has been working behind the scenes more so, only just emerging last year on Timbaland's Shock Value 2, and writing for the likes of Kanye West and Brandy.

On Esthero's blog, she posted last week the song and lyrics to, "Black Mermaid", a composition that has been floating around in snippets for awhile, but never got the proper listen from me until I stumbled on a full length version the other day. So this is all new to me.

The song was written by Esthero for fellow free-spirit rocker, Cree Summer, one of Esthero's pals (she's also buddy buddy with another Different World alum...Denise Huxtable Lisa Bonet), but at persistence of others, Esthero kept the song for herself and has noted it was the basis that kick started her on the upcoming follow-up to 2005's Wikked Lil' Girls. She claims the track is her "first exercise in simplicity", and being simple ain't bad as sometimes a little goes a long way. It's evident here on this gorgeous acoustic number that oozes with mystery and includes a mini quiver of orchestral elements towards the climb of the song. It's pure Esthero poetics and it's a reminder that she continues to make beautiful and soothing ballads. 

You can view the lyrics and stream the full length version of "Black Mermaid" by clicking here. And be sure to keep the ears ungooped for Esthero's return because she's been working on a third album for almost a year, and from the sound of things it might be ready soon. Oh, please, oh, please let it be released this year!

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to something new. I'm open to good music.


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