First Impressions: JoJo Graduates With "Wait A Minute", Young R&B Starlets Take Note

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Before you go, "Another JoJo leak?" humor me please with the latest musical adventure from Ms. Levesque's camp that came my way. The song sure brought back memories of what JoJo is truly capable of doing, and what I've been stressing to people all these years about her talent! It is true, R&B/Pop starlet, Jojo has had more leaks out for the last two years than my kitchen faucet and mix that with the strife she has been enduring with her record label, Blackground Records, it was hard to even tell what is going on with the girl musically. Yet, from the sound of "Wait a Minute (For Your Love)", this is exactly the quench of thirst that the R&B market has been needing.

JoJo tackles a breezy, horn and piano jazz and neo-soul lounge number with sizzling results as she dons a Jill Scott mindset and delivers, a definite graduation for JoJo from her other hits such as "Little Too Late" and "Baby, It's You". It is said that this song isn't going to be included on JoJo's upcoming (and repeatedly stalled) third effort, All I Want Is Everything, as JoJo said the track didn't fit with the rest of the album, but maybe she should reconsider since this bravely steps into territory that current R&B starlets never dare to do. 

Wait a Minute (For Your Love)


  1. I am so pulling for JoJo!

    Just love her to death.

    Her Twitter is good too:

  2. I like this. Jojo is really talented; she just needs the proper marketing. Hopefully her next album has good material!


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