First Impressions: Solange Rebuilds Brick By Brick; Preps New Album

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

 Yes, I'm still rooting for Solange Knowles. Why? Did you listen to 2008's Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams?? If not, you missed a charming and ambitious album that shocked the hell out of me, considering how Solange was never on my radar till then. We have already established she is the younger sister of  Voldemort "that singer who must not be named" yet, she has proven herself to not count her out as the second banana to her sibling.

The singer is currently in the process of following up the flower child soul of her sophomore effort, and recently has dropped a sort of musical teaser to what the third effort is to entail. "Under Construction" is a spooky lil' production by the Thievery Corporation, that indeed shows how Solange likes that murky "indie rock" sound she's been hinting at since she covered the likes of MGMT and Of Montrel (even recently performing with the latter). The singer debuted the song on her blog over the weekend, free for download. And you know what? It's quite good, especially if you're in the mood for something a little left of center. A dusty and echoing groove occupies this track, and it creeps along nicely.

Solange states the song won't be on the new disc, but if it this is what she is going for, she's hitting all the right notes on how to be experimental. Hopefully, this new set from Solange, won't get lost in the shuffle and be sorely overlooked like Sol-Angel, but maybe people will warm up to Solange or at least applaud her for bringing something new to the R&B mix. Sure, she's not singing that well...but take this thought to brain: Sometimes a good singer can make a bad song, and a bad singer can make a good song. Before you contradict the gospel, listen below.

Under Construction

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  1. I like Solange;I can't wait to hear her new album


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