Song Stuck In My Head: Raheem DeVaughn With A Little Help From His Friends

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Nobody Wins A War" - Raheem DeVaughn ft. Jill Scott, Algebra Blesset, Bilal, Chico DeBarge, Dwele, Citizen Cope, Ledisi, Shelby Johnson, Rudy Currence, Chrisette Michelle and Anthony Hamilton (2010)

At times I can be a jerk and not give two Fig Newtons about socially clutching songs, and especially charity singles (*cough* "We Are The Fail" *cough*). Yes, to me I get tired of the preach and would rather see the practice, but there are times that I do become a Stay-Puft Marshmallow and give into something that actually speaks some sort of truth and is displayed in a very effective manner.

Raheem DeVaughn recently released his latest musical concoction, The Love & War Masterpiece, and nestled towards the end of it is the sprawling testament, "Nobody Wins a War", which includes some of the top names in the soul music scene today (just see above cause I ain't typing all those names out again). The song is actually everything I would LIKE to hear on a social cut/charity ploy awareness: honesty. The melody is perfect, the melding of all the talented vocalists works were no one is compeating with one another and it doesn't feel like "hey, sit down and got damn listen to me do a socially conscious song!!", it seems not forced and much more fluid. Bravo. Madame Jilly ends the beast of a track with a rousing freestyle...and all I can ask is: can this woman start recording audio books?


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